Friday, 20 September 2013

Friday Fives: Arty Harty review

As I'm sure I've made pretty clear since Tyne arrived in the world - I ADORE personalised items!
So when I received this absolutely stunning framed print from Arty Harty last week, I was thrilled!

The print features Tyne's full name (no mean feat, given that its 5 words long!) - his date of birth, place of birth, weight, time of birth, the day of the week he was born on as well as cute little phrases and words such as "Bundle Of Joy" and "New Baby Boy".

I love the calming colours in it, and the white frame made it ideal for my bedroom - it now has pride of place right next to Tyne's cot!

The artwork is really beautiful and something like this would make such an ideal gift for new parents, as who wouldn't want something so beautiful and personal to commemorate such a special occasion?

The print comes in a variety of colours and with two size options - 10 x 8 inches or 12 x 10 inches.

For the 10 x 8 mounted print, it is £25.00 - for the 10 x 8 framed image it is £40.00, and for the 12x10 framed image it is £48.00

All reasonable prices for a lovely keepsake which will be cherished forever, I'm sure you'll agree!

But ArtyHarty do not only sell new baby prints, they stock a variety of beautiful prints which can be personalised and would make ideal gifts for all sorts of loved ones.

Here is my Top 5 of their current range:

Daddy Loves.....

This fab print is the ideal gift for Fathers Day, Dads birthday or Christmas - it allows you to show all the things your Dad loves, you can be as wacky, as cheeky or as sentimental as you like with this as what you enter is entirely your choice!
You can also purchase this as a "Mummy Loves..." piece!

Available HERE with prices starting from £25.00

50 Golden Years

The perfect gift to celebrate a special anniversary - you can personalise this gift to include the wedding date, the names of the couple and all of their "firsts" - first home, first child, first holiday destination - imagine all the memories you could feature on this and what a lovely gift it would make!!

Available HERE with prices starting from £25.00

Birth & Astro Details

This version of the new baby print features more astrological details than birth details, which is perfect for those with an interest in that side of things. It details babies birth stone, their Chinese zodiac sign and their astrological sign.

Prices start at £26.00

Twins Stork Print

This beautiful print is the ideal welcoming gift for twins, featuring a gorgeous stork design and enabling you to feature two names along with the date of birth, weight and time of birth of the little bundles of joy!
This beautiful design is also available in single baby boy or baby girl too.

Available HERE with prices starting from £25.00

Thank You

And finally, this gorgeous print is one of Arty Harty's non-personalised items - it features a collection of different phrases all with the intention of thanking somebody near and dear.
A perfect gift!! I think this would be ideal as a thank you gift for parents who have helped out with a wedding, although it would have many other uses.

Available HERE with prices starting from just £18.00

All prints available from

 Reader Offer

Arty Harty are very kindly offering 10% off purchases up until Christmas! To take advantage of this offer, just go to and subscribe to the newsletter - the discount code will then be emailed to you!

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