Friday, 13 September 2013

Friday Fives: Things To Grab In The Supermarket...

This week's Friday Fives is a list of my Top 5 recommendations of what to grab on your next trip to the supermarket!

These are all products I have recently discovered which I have really enjoyed using and would recommend.....

Dettol with E45 Softness Handwash

Dettol & E45 are possibly two of the biggest household names which immediately spring to mind when you think Hygiene and Babies.
 So the fact that they have come together to bring to the market a handwash that is both kind and caring to skin as you would expect from an E45 product, AND tough on germs as you would expect from a Dettol product is fantastic!
The handwash kills 99.9% of bacteria whilst protecting the skin’s natural moisture levels.
I love using this as my hands really do feel lovely and soft, but I can be confident that the job has been done properly!
Stockist Details: Dettol with E45 Softness hand wash (£2.49) is available in stores nationwide including Boots and major supermarkets.

Little Crackers Drinks Co Juice Drinks

Created by the award winning Cracker Drinks Co, Little Crackers is the new fruit juice drinks range with no added sugar or sweeteners. And whats more....each carton of this juice drink counts as part of kids’ five a day with 75% pure juice and a splash of water, providing a high fruit content of 75%.
The drinks come in a choice of flavours featuring fun characters - There's Billy Blackcurrant & Cheeky Cherry, or Vicky Vanilla & Peter Pear!
The drinks are both fun for kids, tasty and nutritional - really what more could you ask for?!
Stockist Details:
Available in packs of three 200ml cartons with a straw, these first two juices from Little Crackers range will be available in Sainsbury’s in Mid-July priced at £1.99. For more information or like The Cracker Juice Co. on

Plum Stage 1 Pouches

Plum's Stage 1 pouches are packed full of super-nutritious vegetables and crafted to offer the best flavour combinations for weaning and taste bud tantalisation.
There are an incredible FOURTEEN flavour combinations on offer in the Stage 1 so you can really get your baby trying new things often - Tyne's personal favourite is the Pear, Blueberry & Purple Carrot!
 Like all Plum recipes, the new products also contain protein-rich super-grain quinoa.
Stockist Details: The new blends are available now in Sainsbury’s, Asda, Ocado and Waitrose. They will be rolled out to Boots, Morrisons and Tesco from June 2013. Priced at £0.99 each (100g pouch).

Heinz New Range Of Supercharged Soups!

I've always been a big fan of Heinz soups and I can't stand to suffer any other brand - it HAS to be Heinz for me when it comes to soups!
The Cream Of Tomato soup is my absolute favourite, so I was really intrigued to try out the new Cream Of Tomato with a Kick Of Chilli and Cream Of Tomato with Fiery Mexican Spices....there is also Cream Of Chicken with Aromatic Thai Spices and Cream Of Mushroom with Wild Porcini Mushrooms.

All of them sound delicious and after trying them myself I can say that they TASTE delicious too! My personal favourite is the Cream Of Tomato with Fiery Mexican Spaces....just gorgeous and a perfect way to warm up this Autumn!

Stockist Details: Available to snap up in all good supermarkets for £1.19.

For more information head to the Heinz official website at

Tropical Sun Rub Rub Seasoning & Crushed Red Chilli Sauce

Tropical Rub Rub Seasoning is perfect for adding a kick of flavour with ease to any fish, meat or chicken dish!
You simply "rub rub" the meat or fish in the seasoning and leave to marinade, and cook! It is absolutely delicious and so easy!
 Unlike other seasonings I've tried in the past, the coarse granules really provide a burst of flavour and don't leave behind any powdery residue!
The Crushed Red Chilli Sauce from Tropical Sauce is also a real winner - literally! It's just won a Great Taste Award 2013!!! And its easy to see why - I love using this for a bit of kick on a homemade chicken kebab, gorgeous!!!
Stockist Details: Available from Tesco and for £2.69 (Rub Rub Seasoning) and £1.49 (Chilli sauce)

What are your current must haves on the weekly shopping list?! As always, I'd love to hear from you!

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