Saturday, 28 September 2013

Introducing My New Nephew!

Kier Eric

He weighed 8lbs 6oz (Although I refuse to believe that...he is the TINIEST baby I have ever seen!!! Including Tyne...who was only 6lbs 14oz!)

The day of his arrival was very exciting, I got to try out life as Mum Of Three for the morning as I looked after my sister's two girls for the day....

They practised looking after a baby on Tyne...

And waited (im)patiently for news of the new arrival!

He was so worth the wait!

Tyne first met Kier when he was 3 days old, as babies aren't allowed to visit hospitals (BOO!!!! Killjoys!)....he was DELIGHTED with him!

I expected him not to pay much attention as he's too little to understand, but he was so intrigued by Kier and kept reaching out to touch and stroke him - he was very gentle and seemed to like his new friend!

Amelie & Lottie are now settling in to their new roles as being big sisters.

Amelie cracked me up with a few things she came out with while we were visiting, such as:

"I don't want to hold Kier...he looks like a piglet and he's got beady eyes. I like Tyne better"  - aaaah sisterly love!!


"Mummy's using her shoulder milk to feed Kier" - shoulder milk obviously being breast milk....makes me worry that my sister may have some anatomical quirks.....

Welcome to the family, Kier!!!

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