Monday, 2 September 2013

Mummy Mondays: Angel's Face Review

Last weekend it was a very special little girls very special day!
Amelie turned 6!
She had a party in a local adventure play centre, and of course she had to look every inch the princess!
The wonderful people over at Angel's Face kindly sent a package to Amelie in anticipation of her special day, and Amelie could not have been more thrilled!
The package was very exciting for Amelie, as the two parcels came wrapped in purple tissue paper - her favourite colour!
Once she tore into them, she squealed with delight at what she found inside!
An absolutely stunning pink frou frou tutu - this is no ordinary tutu, it has MASSES of material to give it a proper princess look - it was very flouncy and swished around magically when she walked.
Amelie was most impressed with the effect when she twirled - it was quite a sight to behold!
Along with the truly stunning tutu, Angel's Face sent Amelie one of their absolutely beautiful Number t shirts!
These high quality tops come with the childs age on the front in sparkly and colourful stones - Amelie was thrilled when she saw this, and has refused to take it off ever since - stating that she will wear it every day that she is 6!!!
The top really did compliment the tutu perfectly, and everybody at Amelie's commented on how lovely the outfit was. It really did look of exceptionally high quality!
You can purchase the rose pink tutu with prices starting at just £35.00 here:
And the Birthday T Shirts are available for £24.00 here:
I cannot recommend Angel's Face highly enough, and we will most certainly be purchasing future outfits from them for Amelie and her little sister!
Have you ever purchased anything from Angel's Face? What do you think of Amelie's birthday outfit? As always, I'd love to hear from you!

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