Monday, 16 September 2013

Mummy Mondays: Dancing Winnie The Pooh - Review

Being a first time mum, I am experiencing lots of things for the first time - one of those things is baby toys.
There are so many brands out there, and I have heard of many of them before, but because I didn't have a child myself I had no reason to pay much mind to them or think much about which brands I liked.
Since having Tyne, toy brands have become something of interest to me and now that we're approaching his first Christmas I have noticed that I have already formed opinions on the various brands after being a mother for just 6 months and already have my firm favourites!
One of those firm favourites is Tomy.
The name is most definitely a household one, and one that automatically reassures me of quality and value for money - Tyne has quite a few Tomy toys in his collection and you may recall that last month we reviewed their fabulous Neil The Seal toy which I still think is absolutely brilliant.
This month we were lucky enough to be given a chance to try out one of their latest offering, the Dancing Winnie The Pooh.
I always loved Winnie The Pooh as a kid (though Eeyore was my favourite character!) and so I would love to get Tyne into it when he's a bit older - I just think there is a real old school charm about the characters.
So I was really excited when this arrived, and was really pleased to see that good old Pooh Bear looks the same as he ever did (so many of my old favourite cartoons from childhood have been re-launched and are almost unrecognisable now...I don't think I will ever forgive the makers of Strawberry Shortcake for what they've done to her!)
The Dancing Winnie is just that - a little dancing toy!
The toy has two functions - either you can squeeze his left hand and watch him dance and sing his song "Up, down, touch the ground" which is so cute! Or you can squeeze his right hand and play musical statues with him - perfect for when Tyne is slightly older and wanting to interact more with toys!
The dancing really caught Tyne's attention and he already loves music so the singing made him giggle lots.
I filmed Winnie doing his little sing-song if you'd like to take a look....
Winnie is 12" tall and is lovely and soft. I think he'd make the perfect little dancing partner for any little boy or girl!
Dancing Winnie The Pooh is available from Tomy, priced at £34.99
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