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Mummy Mondays: I acheived my odd naming goal!!!!

When I first found out I was pregnant, the very first thing I got excited about was choosing a name!
I have been weirdly obsessed with names ever since I was a child.
I don't really know but names have always just fascinated me.
I bought a Baby Name book when I was about 10 years old, and I used to read it every night - I loved looking up the meanings of names, their backgrounds, and most of all I loved discovering new and unusual names I'd never heard before and learning how to pronounce them.
My own name was never one I particularly liked - Hayley was neither overly popular nor unusual. It was very middle of the road when I was growing up.
I knew a few other Hayley's, but not many.
The names meaning wasn't particularly interesting - it simply means "Hay Clearing".
The names history was also pretty boring - it was derived from an Old English surname.
When I read through the book of names, I always wished that my name had a lovely meaning or an interesting history, or was very unusual.
I asked my parents why they'd chosen the name Hayley - hoping to hear a lovely story about how they'd arrived at the decision - but I was told "Dad wanted to call you Victoria, Mum wanted to call you Kirsty - we couldn't agree. We saw a film with Hayley Mills in and agreed we both liked the name Hayley".
Not a particularly interesting story!
So I got over the fact that my name had nothing particularly interesting about it, but my obsession with names continued and has never left me.
And so when I was expecting, I spent HOURS every day trawling through name websites - looking for unusual and beautiful names.
If I'd been having a girl I'd have been utterly spoilt for choice as there are so many unusual and beautiful girls names that I love.
But a boys name was a challenge for me, as I have always struggled to find any that I particularly liked.
For me, there was three very important factors when choosing his name....
1. It had to have meaning to us. I didn't just want any old name that we simply liked the sound of, I wanted there to be a special meaning behind it.
2. It had to have an interesting history or a nice meaning. I didn't want a name that had only appeared recently and was a very modern "made up" kind of name with no history.
3. It had to be uncommon.
The uncommon rule was the most important one for me.
I have always wanted to make sure that my children were the ONLY ones in their class with their name. Infact if they could be the only one one in the school with their name, all the better!
At first I stated that the name I picked had to NOT have appeared on the UK Top 100 list for 2012.
I downloaded the list from the Office Of National Statistics and ruled out any names that appeared in the Top 100.
This meant ruling out names that I liked such as Noah and Declan - but I was too worried that there would end up being others with those names in his class at school, so they were crossed off the list.
Eventually my "no Top100" list became even stricter - I decided that I wanted a name that LESS than 5 children had been given in 2012 in the whole of the UK.
On the list of baby names, you can view all the names that children were given in the previous year as long as at least 3 people were registered with the name.
If less than 3 people were born with the name, then it won't appear on the list at all.
I would have LOVED to choose a name that didn't appear on the list at all in my childs year of birth, so that I would know he was one of less than three kids born with that name in his year of birth.
But it seemed like an impossible challenge!
Eventually, we mentioned the name Tyne.
It was actually Jon that suggested it during a jokey conversation.
I told him that a woman on a naming forum had named her child Thames after the river.
He laughed and said that was a rather silly name - I laughed too and said "Maybe we should call ours Mersey?" after the River Mersey that runs through Liverpool, my home town.
Jon laughed and suggested his own hometown river - the river Tyne.
We laughed - but then we stopped. I said "Actually, I like that!"
He said "Yeah I do too...."
I looked the name up, and read the history of the river Tyne - I loved the sound of the name.
The only famous namesake was an American actress popular in the 80s, Tyne Daly.
The final decision came when I typed it in to the Office Of National Statistics spreadsheet - Success!!!
Only THREE baby boys had been registered in 2012 with the name Tyne (and no baby girls!)
So our minds were made up.
As I've discussed before, we came in for a lot of criticism with our choice of name - a lot of people hated it and were very vocal about it.
A lot of people still look at us like we've got two heads now when they ask his name!
But luckily we now live in a part of the country were "Unusual" names are far more "Usual" and Tyne has quite a few friends with quite unusual names now so I doubt he'll come in for any criticism in years to come.
And I know that I put a LOT of thought and effort into naming my child, I didn't just hear a name on the street and decide it sounds I don't really care what other people have to say about it!
The moment of truth came last month when the Office Of National Statistics released this years baby name stats - I nervously typed in Tyne's name to see how many others had been registered.
To my amazement - the name is not on the list!!! Which means that LESS than three children were registered with the name Tyne in his birth year - so at most, there are only 2 other possible Tyne's born around the same time as him out there.
As a name nerd, that makes me SO happy - I have achieved my longstanding and seemingly unattainable naming goal!
(I know, I know - I'm such a geek!)
What things were important to you when choosing a baby name? Did you give it a lot of thought? As always, I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. Being 29 now when I was at school there were quite a few Hayley's but I don't think it's as popular nowadays? Louise was a very popular middle name! I was always going to be Louise and my dad chose it.

    I know Jack is very very popular at the moment but we love the name so much and we wanted something you couldn't shorten, although his middle name is James he could be called JJ by people in the future. I think boys names are much harder!

    If I ever have a girl I have a lovely, less popular name lined up!

    Lou xxx

  2. oh need to check my kids names for the year! theres normally about 7 or 8 each year. i am a fellow name geek, me and my sis had so many name books and lists as kids

  3. I chose Stacey because I'd never met another Stacey and thought she would have a fairly unique name at school. Up until the end of last year she was the only Stacey in the school! I also googled the name and love that it means 'Resurrection'. I think I got it into my head that she could be a relative from years ago that's come back. Crazy, I know!

    With Oscar, Nathan had sat reeling off boys name after boys name and I was like 'No, no, no, no". Eventually he said Oscar and we were like 'Yes!' When I googled it, it turns out it means 'Deer Lover'. Not particularly great but Nathan supports Mansfield Town, who are known as the Stags - a male deer! So we decided that he could be named nothing else. Lol.

    I personally think Tyne is such a gorgeous name. And I'm so pleased that he may be the only baby born in 2013 with that name :D

    Louise xxx

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  4. Sarah is the worst name ever - it's so popular, and cannot be shortened to anything! I know Isabelle is common in England but its not even in the top 100 in Northern Ireland which makes me really happy! Tyne's name is lovely, and because I've become so used to it I don't see it as hugely unusual or crazy anymore, he's just Tyne!
    Sarah xx

  5. I hated being the only Sian at school but only because it either got mispronounced or mispelled. Otherwise I loved the uniqueness! I spent forever choosing Noah's name, I didn't even like Noah as a name but I read a list of 300 names and didn't like any of them! It wasn't that popular when we chose but all of a sudden there are Noahs EVERYWHERE! xx`

  6. My middle name is Hayley :p

    I chose Beau because of the same reason. When I first heard the name (on Signs - as in the film lol). I loved it. So I didn't pick it because of its meaning....which just happens to mean 'handsome male' haha. But as a females name, I love it.

    However, everyone seems to pronounce it wrong. They pronounce it as Be-u instead of Bo-h. Then when I tell people her name, I have to repeat it several times and go 'Beau, as in a hair bow or bow tie'.....
    Lauren x

  7. My husband chose my daughters first name (Athena) because he wanted something original but not so out there wacky that people would turn their noses up! I chose the middle name (lorelei) after watchinga TV program (the mentalist!) but also because its similar to Lauren, ish anyway!
    I like Tyne, and its great that its less common in his year!

  8. I feel the same about names, not that I don't like the popular names but I wanted my childrens names to be a little different. My daughter (almost 11!) is called Izabel (middle name Thea) Izabel (which if I remember rightly means Goddess) was quite unusual 11 years ago but now there are LOADS! My son is called Xavier (pronounced Zay-Vee-Er) and we haven't come across his name so far fingers crossed! I love it and we get lots of comments on it. I cannot imagine him being called anything else.

    Tyne is a sweet name. :)

  9. There was 3 other Hannah's in my class throughout school and as they was also a Hannah with the same last name initial to me I was always called by my full name. Even now my best friend still refers to me by my full name when talking to other people about me even though I'm the only Hannah she is friends with now.

    Although I don't have children yet, like you I've been obsessed with baby names since I was a child. I always said I wanted a unusual name for my children, unfortunately my boyfriend is quite old fashion when it comes to names and wants a nice normal name. We've only ever managed to agree on two names ever and those are Callie for a girl and Jake for a boy. So by default those are probably the names we will end up going with, although I have loved the name Kaliana since I was 13 with Callie as a nickname so that's not too bad of a compromise.

  10. I studied genealogy so names are a big thing in it

  11. I am completely with you with the uncommon thing- I have an usual name and growing up with it wasn't easy as I always got reffered to 'the new girl' whenever i started a new school or club lol but now I love it and wanted my girls to have unsual names that would fit with how i imagined them and things that meant to me. I'm wanting to give that national statistics name database a nosy now to see if any other people have my girls names lol

  12. I was the same when naming Sienna, I am not a fan of common names but I have already met a few Sienna's :( BOO! They don't live near us though so I hope Sienna will be the only one in her class with it! x

  13. my name is extremely popular, i never thought do i like it or not to be honest,until recently, i like it a lot)

  14. I always wanted a unusual name for my children

  15. My name is so common I hated it! I was determined to call my children names that were not so common although I have heard loads of Riley's lately lol xx

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  16. Trick is to find something in the 80th-100th bracket so it isn't too popular (common!) but isn't totally out there!

  17. my name is extremely popular- Victoria, i never thought do i like it or not

  18. Names are important - I hate it when peoplde forget mine or spell it wrong. So...worth thinking about like you did.

  19. All of our names are popular including Jack's but it was the only name we could agree on!

  20. Names are so important, it has to be something you like but at the same time not something so unique that others have no idea how to pronounce it, spell it.
    We had a girl in our year called Jocaster I have not come across another Jocaster in my life, however, the name was shortened and she was just called Jo.

  21. I love Tyne's name....I always think of the river as I'm up here in the North East. :)

  22. when i picked my kids names i hadnt heard of many people with the names at the time. joshua, demi but now i hear them everywhere lol my name julie ann baxter was given to me because my mum had the same initals joan annette baxter. i was the only one out of my siblings who werent named after a family member, my brother was named after my dad, my sister after my grannie and my younger brother after an uncle, i have carried on the tradition with my kids middle names tho. my son's middle name is after his uncle and my daughters is after her nanan on her dads side. i think its a nice thing to do :)

  23. I'm the same age as you and I was the only Hayley in my 1500+ pupil school. I loved it. It seems more popular nowadays (and very popular in australia apparently!)

  24. It's fascinating how names go in and out of fashion. The only ones that make me cringe are brand names, like Lexus...

  25. i love knowing the meaning of names! was funny trying to pick our sons name we had so many until we found out thr meanings! x

  26. with a name like Lowri (pronounced LOW-ree)Tegan Shimmin (Now Earith) I like unusual names too. My son is called iestyn so his is unusual too. the only problem is constantly having to correct people x

  27. I like you HATE my name. Although it has a nice meaning, it bores me.

    I wanted something that was unusual too. I am a huge Beatles fan and eventually both of us settled on Jude.

    It is uncommon but becoming more popular. It doesn't matter though. He suits his name perfectly. We made the correct choice.

  28. I hate my name. No one was called Olivia when I was little and I hated that. And now I just hate it. I love my kids names. They are not particularly uncommon but I love them. I have a Conor (please dnt spell it with 2 ns!!), Melody and Flynn.

  29. I am also a Hayley! In a way I was also named after Hayley Mills! My mum read in the newspaper an article about her being pregnant, and mum said as soon as she read the name, she loved it! So here I am! I must be honest, when I was growing up, there was no Hayley's at all in my school, even all the way through high school. The first time I actually met another Hayley I was 22! So, where I lived, my name was unusual, and I loved the fact that no-one else had the same name as me! Because of that, I love unusual names, my children are Elijah, Ianthe and Acacia x

  30. We took ages choosing too, like you there aren't many boys names we like and didn't want one of the popular ones, like you I also downloaded a copy of the ONS (2011)! We finally chose one that had meaning to us, we'd never heard anyone called and that we loved. We called him Luca. Since naming him though we've come across 4 or 5 others (though luckily not nearby) and it's so frustrating! Off to check the ONS now for last years names!

  31. I'm English but my children are Welsh and I wanted romantic Welsh names for them so we chose Caitlin and Ieuan.

  32. Whenever I like an unusual name it then seems to appear out of nowhere. It is funny how some names go threw crazes. We are both fussy when it comes to names and have a large family so most names have been taken and we are judgmental - If we know someone nasty or rude we would be put off their name lol


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