Friday, 13 September 2013

My Little Sanctuary....*

My days are filled with dirty nappies, drool, orange baby food stains, struggles with the pram, lugging the car seat in and out, making bottles, trying to put together low-calorie meals, cleaning the house, cold cups of tea, and constant mental-lists which I go over and over in my mind....
Throw in the need to work on my blog for a few hours a night in order to keep things ticking over, and trying to keep one hand on my iphone so that I can keep replying to emails and try wherever possible to reply to texts and Whats App messages in order to keep my friendships alive....and there you have my average day.
This house that we now live in is great - its very big and roomy - but we have an insane amount of "things".
The cupboards are all full, the living room is always full of baby toys, the kitchen is overtaken with bottles and coffee cups because Jon is on some kind of mission to drive me to distraction with the amount of cups he leaves out by the sink, The office (which was supposed to by little workspace for blogging) has been overtaken with yet more boxes which I say every single day that I will sort out and never ever do....
And so I need to have a room....just one room in this whole house....that is mine.
Well ok, its our bedroom so technically its shared with Jon, but the space is mine to keep clean and fresh.
No matter how much disarray the rest of the house falls into, I need to always make sure that my bedroom is picture perfect....
I need to know that I can always step inside and forget the bombsite behind me....because in front of me everywhere is clean, crisp white, and calming.
My bedroom is my little sanctuary and I absolutely love it.

I have a lot of little touches around it which all add to the ambience for me....

Everything feels serene but romantic.

I think the bed makes a huge difference to the feel of the room - the drapes from Ikea really give it a romantic feel.

I love having bits of sparkle here and there...on the cushion and the light shade....And on the hanging butterflies either side of the curtain....

And little personal touches here and there really matter to me.....

I love that, despite the chaos going on behind these closed doors, there's is enough space that its easily kept concealed and out of sight!

Even the babies corner of the room is lovely and peaceful.....I'm dreading him moving into own bedroom, but once he does I will be putting in a vintage-inspired white dressing table to help fill the space where the cot is now!

Which room in the house is your own little sanctuary and what do you love about it? As always, I'd love to hear from you!
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