Monday, 16 September 2013

Parragon Book Buddies!

Tyne & I were recently invited to become Parragon Book Buddies, giving us the chance to review Parragon books - I am a real bookworm myself so I am very keen to get Tyne into books from an early age - so I was thrilled with this opportunity!
Our August review package arrived ages ago but sadly due to Sky not sorting out our internet connection when we moved we are posting it very late and including September's review below too!

In August's pack were two lovely books:

Peek A Boo Rainbow

and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star sound & light book

Unfortunately our sound & light book got a bit bashed in transit, so the lovely Parragon people sent us a replacement and ever so kindly included another book for us - Ring A Ring O Roses, another sound & light book.

The Peek A Book Rainbow is a lovely, interactive book for little ones full of lovely bright colours - I've read this to Tyne a few times around bedtime and he loves looking at the pictures

But his favourites are the light & sound books!

Both of the books contain the words to the popular nursery rhymes, with lovely softly coloured illustrations and accompanying sound effects - Tyne sits enthralled for about 20 minutes at a time as I read and re-read them both to him. 20 minutes may not sound that long but with my very easily-bored 4 month old it is a miraculous amount of time to be entertained by one thing!!!

Considering that these books are only £5.99 each, the value for money is fantastic given how much they entertain Tyne

We recorded a little video of him listening to the stories to show you how much he loves them!

As we were SO late blogging about August's books, we are also including our thoughts on September's book to bring us up to date with our book club reviews!
This month we were sent:
Wonderful Wildlife 123 by Charles Fuge - £5.99
This is a counting rhyme book which - at first glance - I thought we wouldn't get any use out of for a long time as it appeared to be for older children.
But once I read it, I realised it would appeal to Tyne because it's very short and the rhyming rhythm to it keeps it interesting to him - and I was right, he happily sits and lets me read it to him while he tries to turn the pages for me.
"1 lonely badger, 2 helpful whales....3 friendly seabirds singing songs and telling tales...." 
The rhyming pattern as above is continued through out, and what I love about the book is that it steers away from all the usual farmyard animals you might expect to find in a childrens book - the animals included are much more unusual - Wild owls, tadpoles, hyenas, even meerkats - I think its important to encourage children to discover more through reading and I feel that an older child would be very intrigued by the different species mentioned in this book and would enjoy asking questions about them.
I love the illustrations, and there is some decent humour in there too - I also love the ending, and feel that little boys in particular would enjoy it!!!
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