Sunday, 15 September 2013

Pre Baby Birthday Vs Post Baby Birthday

So 4 days ago I turned 32.
It was my first "Mummy" birthday and it got me thinking about my past birthdays and how this one differed from them.
Let's take a quick look....
My 29th Birthday
Where?: Exeter - cocktails at coal, then on to a nightclub

Who with: Friends - Amy, Freddie, Latoyah, Steve, Chris, Sian, Ben
What did I do: Get VERY drunk - pose around for ages on the stones outside the cocktail bar....

Go on to the club, dance like a loser, do loads of shots and pose around more...
Next morning: Woke up with a very sore head!
My 30th Birthday
Now this one was a two part celebration....
I celebrated in Liverpool with a big party thrown by my Mum and Dad....

All my family, cousins, etc were there....

Ate too much food....
Wore a silly birthday hat....

Did too much drinking, including neat vodka shots :/

And sang karaoke ...badly

Again, woke up with a very sore head....
The second part of the celebrations were in Exeter where I was living, and I had a Disney themed night out with my friends....
Dressed up like a prat...

Went to a nightclub, danced like a loon and drank too much...
(Amazingly all 3 of us in this pic had babies within 5 weeks of each other, would never have believed you if you'd told me then that's what would happen!)
So now, lets compare my usual birthdays to my birthday this year...
Where?: At home in the day time.... Jon decorated the living room....
Opening presents in the morning....

Tea party with Tyne and my nieces in the afternoon....

Out for a quiet meal with Jon in the evening....
Spent the next morning with a lovely clear head, having snuggles with my baby boy and looking at my lovely gifts!!!
Birthday Haul

Jon gave me a kit to take a cast of Tyne's finger print, so that I can send it off and have it made into a silver charm necklace! I am soooo thrilled and absolutely love the idea!! Can't wait to get it back!!!
He also gave me this:
"My Life Story" which is a 100 year journal for recording your life - I LOVE things like this and he didn't even know I'd had it in my shopping basket on Amazon for ages! Yay!
He also gave me these:
Lovely sapphire earrings - my birthstone!
Tyne gave me a beautiful bunch of lillies - my favourites!!!
As for the rest of my gifts:
Mum & Dad gave me £100 spending money (MAC here I come!), as well as 3 pairs of Pyjamas, some underwear, a lovely shell heart for my bathroom and a bottle of Baileys

My sister gave me a voucher for a massage (yay!) and some bath crème, and my nieces gave me chocolates and more flowers!

I also got a little pink colander and some strawberries from my sisters mother in law, and the latest Cecilia Aherne book from my cousin Nikki in Gibraltar!
I have a couple of other gifts coming from family in Liverpool too - lucky girl!!!
So all things considered - as much as I used to enjoy spending my birthdays getting done up, going out drinking and dancing with friends, getting a bit wild and generally letting loose - I much preferred my nice calm Mummy birthday full of snuggles with Tyne!
How have your birthday celebrations changed since you became a parent? How do you usually celebrate your birthdays? As always, I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. Aww it sounds like you had a fab birthday. I still try and go out now and again despite having children.

    This year a few of my friends and I are going out dressed as characters from children's books. It could make for an interesting blog post ;)

    Lou xxx

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  2. Aw it's amazing how things change when you have babies but they're still just as fun. Looks like you got some lovely gifts, Jon did good! :) xxx

    Handbags To Change Bags - Mummy & Lifestyle Blog

  3. I have the My Life Story, I think I reviewed it on here somewhere... Ive been filling it in for months. I lvoe the dress you are wearing for the Tea Party, where is it from? xx

    Beautyqueenuk xx

  4. Look whoop -

  5. I got the necklace finger print kit for my birthday too! Love it! That is a great present haul I must say! xx

  6. Happy belated Birthday Hayley, it looks like you had such a lovely day! Your first birthday as a mammy, lovely! <3

    Fiona @

  7. Ohh wow! You got so many lovely gifts....Seems like you had such a special day x

  8. Love this post, it's so funny how dramatically things change when you become a Mummy. These days I much prefer a tea party over going out. I feel to old for that now lol.

    You got some lovely presents. Lillies are my favourite too.

  9. Looks like you had a fab birthday, and got some amazing gifts (I want the massage! haha)
    Tbh, I've always been a big kid when it comes to my birthday and have never really done the whole party/club thing so my birthday celebrations stayed the same this year, with us heading over to Alton Towers :) x


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