Tuesday, 10 September 2013

What's In My....Fridge?!

Today I'm trying something a little different...
I was recently sent a brand new fridge freezer from the lovely people over at www.ao.com in exchange for an honest video review.
I do HATE hearing my own voice on film but needs must, so if you'd like to take a look at said video review please feel free below!
So the general overview for those who don't fancy watching the video is....the Beko CS5713APS Fridge Freezer is so far serving us very well!
Upon reading some of the reviews on the website I was worried about noise levels but can honestly say that I have not noticed any noise whatsoever!! I am somebody who is easily bothered by noisy appliances (The computer is currently bothering me as I type this....)
The fridge is a very decent size with plenty of room, a nice big vegetable drawer, and lots of shelf space on the inner door (much more than our previous one had, so very handy for storing baby bottles or baby food jars!). I loved the little touch of including an egg holder - simple but so handy!
The freezer is smaller in comparison but the 3 large drawers are ample space for a family of three who tend to buy more fresh food than frozen, such as ourselves.
There is a handy pull out ice tray, and although it isn't frost free we haven't had any issues with ice build up so far.
So all in all, I'm very impressed with our new fridge freezer and it looks lovely in our kitchen!
So what's inside it?!
I thought whilst I was reviewing a fridge freezer, I might as well incorporate another in the long running "Whats In My...." series into it!
So I thought why not do a What's In My Fridge Freezer?!

As you can see, I always cover my fridge with postcards and magnets - every holiday I go on I make it a point to bring home a tacky souvenir fridge magnet and a postcard and they take pride of place on my fridge!

As you can see, the freezer provides plenty of drawer space!

We have a ready stash of convenience food for nights when dinner goes wrong! Jon is a big Greggs fan so was delighted when Iceland started selling their products - he has a little stash of Sausage & Bean pasties and Curry Slices! The frozen curries are also Jons (He doesn't like the slimming world diet I'm currently doing so often opts for these if he's not in agreement with whatever I'm preparing for an evening meal!).
We are both partial to a fish finger and ketchup sandwhich as a midnight snack, so always have a ready stash of fishfingers in!

I'm not much of a fan of meat on the whole, although I do try to cook it about half the time for Jon's sake - I prefer the non-meat alternatives, so I always have lots of Quorn in - especially the mince as its all I'll use in Bolognese or chilli!

The bottom drawer is where all the odds and ends get thrown - it currently contains half a tub of Vanilla ice cream from last time my nieces came for tea, half a bag of frozen Yorkshire puddings and some frozen peas!

And so this is what the fridge itself looks like....I try to keep some order to it with convenience meals and leftovers on the top shelf, baby foods and medicines alongside sauces & butter on the second shelf, meat products and desserts on the third shelf, and Drinks on the bottom shelf.

We have far too many condiments - garlic mayo, normal mayo, honey bbq sauce, brown sauce, English mustard, American mustard...the list goes on!

I am terrible for fizzy drinks and cannot drink anything else....so there's always lots of cans in the fridge! There's also the baby juice, and a couple of bottles of beer just incase the fancy takes us! (Though I usually use them for shandies! So rock & roll!)

Sugar free jelly pots are very low syn on my diet so I have a good stash of them at the moment....and lots of low fat/fat free natural yoghurt and fromage frais for cooking with!

The veggie drawer is chock full at the moment with sugar snap peas, green beans, mushrooms, carrots, diced swede, limes and all kinds of goodies!!!

I'm always buying cartons of juice in an attempt to drink healthier things but they sit there untouched for weeks....the fizzy pop always wins!! And check me out with my super healthy skimmed milk at the moment!!! I'm determined to do well on this diet!

You might think the anchor light aerosol cream means I'm cheating on the diet, but its REALLY low in syns and great as a quick sweet-tooth fix with the jelly pots!!!

And finally we have the cheese, tomato puree and some leftover birthday cake from Amelie's birthday which I completely forgot to eat....Whoops!!!!

So there you have it - the contents of my lovely new Fridge Freezer!!

Beko CS5713APS Fridge Freezer Freestanding in Silver - available from www.ao.com for £280.00 (kindly provided for review purposes)

Can you think of any other future instalments for the Whats In My.... series?!!! As always, I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. Wow that is really nice and so roomy, you can fit loads into it xx

    lots of love Beautyqueenuk xx

  2. Ohh I love posts like this! I'm nosy...hehehe!
    We have a Beko similar to yours but a smaller fridge part & 4 draws in the freezer!
    We love the Greggs range from Iceland too :) x

  3. Wow that looks great! We could definitely do with more room in our fridge and less in the freezer, great post, I love stuff like this :) xxx

    Handbags To Change Bags - Mummy & Lifestyle Blog

  4. I wish I had room this this kitchen for a big fridge freezer - instead we have to use a seperate fridge and freezer :(

  5. Fascinating post!

    Thank you for sharing lovely!

  6. Wow you were given a fridge and a nice one too! My house is opposite though we need more freezer and less fridge. My fiance keeps going fishing and freezing down the fish - yuck!

  7. my fridge never looks that full

  8. you can fit loads in that! and its so organised, i'm ever so slightly jealous as my fridge freezer is so unloved and everything and anything just gets chucked in! lol

  9. I wish my fridge was as full as yours lol.. we're a bit like mother hubbard over here!

  10. This is my kind of post! I am SO unbelievably nosy! Love your new fridge! x

  11. It looks like there's loads of room in yours! We now have two because one's been left in our new house (ooo, I love saying that). I'm hoping we can get some electric to one of the sheds and we'll have tonnes of fridge/freezer space then :D

    Lou xxx

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  12. very big fridge, i wish i can tempt my man to buy big one

  13. I wish my fridge was that full

  14. How about a what's in my cupboard under the stairs feature? Ours has some unexpected delights!

  15. ours is full on the day when we do shopping and the next day looks quiet empty

  16. Brilliant post! I need a bigger fridge x

  17. I have never seen this kind of post before, love having a nose around!

  18. i need a bigger fridge this one looks great

  19. my fridge is pretty empty as we've just got back from our hols. better get shopping!

  20. my fridge is empty and full of condiments, how sad :-(

  21. Haha its like the kitchen version of through the keyhole

  22. It looks a lot cleaner and tidier than mine!


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