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Brother Max Scoop Highchair REVIEW

As we are now well into our weaning journey, I have been on the lookout for a suitable highchair for Tyne for a couple of months.

I knew I wanted that ticked three main boxes.

1. Easy to use - I hate nothing more than fiddly child contraptions which were designed without taking into consideration that you will need to get a wriggling, squirmy, awkward child in and out of it. I also wanted one that would be easy to put away because I cannot stand hideous, brightly coloured, plastic highchairs being left out and ruining the look of the house!

2. Safety - I have a cousin who fell out of her high chair and smashed her face into the hard tile floor - she is now 20 years old and still bears physical marks because of that accident. It terrifies me to think of how easily it can happen.

3. Hygienic - When I worked as a nanny I hated highchairs because they were also an absolute nightmare to clean! SO many little nooks and crannies for food to get lodged into, making it a real effort to keep clean.

So...I set off the browse the shops to find a highchair that ticked all 3 of those boxes and I hoped that it may also be possible to find one that was also comfortable for Tyne and not a complete monstrosity to look at.

A few shops later, I realised that my task was actually going to be much more difficult than I had first thought.

There seemed to be nothing on the market that ticked all of the boxes - they were either easy to use but looked unsafe or unattractive, or they were extremely safe but looked like they would be difficult to set up and clean.

When I was given the chance to try out the Brother Max Scoop, I was intrigued to see how it would measure up.

It arrived in two boxes, and I expected it to be a difficult job to put it together - but actually it was pretty straightforward. 

It came with clear, concise instructions and it was really just a few pieces that slotted and clipped in to place.

It was rather heavy once assembled though, and I wouldn't have been able to move it to where I wanted it alone so I would recommend having somebody on hand to help with that unless you are particularly strong!
I was instantly FLOORED by how it looked.

I know this sounds very dramatic as it is just a highchair - but it really is beautiful!!! It is practically a work of art!

It is sleek, modern, understated, elegant and so so modern. 

Our living room colours are teal and black and the highchair blended in perfectly.

It looks of extremely high quality, and everybody who has come to visit has commented on how stylish it is - a complete departure from the plastic, cheap-looking, multi-coloured highchairs I am used to seeing!!! 
Thank Goodness!!!!

We tried out some of the key features of the highchair next.

Our favourite features are:

*Adjustable height - just a press of a button and you can raise or lower the chair to the required level.

*360 degree rotation - there is a lock on the back, once unlocked you can swivel the chair right around - I find this feature particularly useful as it means I can have it facing the dining table if we are all eating together, swivel it around if I'm sitting beside Tyne to feed him, and even turn him around so he can see me in the kitchen while I'm preparing his food.

* Moveable tray - the tray slides clear away from where the baby seats, making it super easy to sit baby into the seat!

*SO easy to clean! - There are no little nooks and crannies here to trap falling food, meaning that the chair stays incredibly clean even during the messy weaning stage we've been going through! Just a quick wipe over the tray down the sides where Tyne's sticky fingers have been and thats it, job done! Bliss!!

*Comfort - Because of the half-egg shape of the chair, Tyne is fully supported and so looks very comfortable in the seat. 

*Safety - The Scoop is nothing if not EXTREMELY sturdy!!! This is a very high quality product, there are no corners cut here - the highchair is solid and it is going nowhere. You do not need to worry about the highchair toppling or being knocked over at all.

Any room for improvement?

*The one thing I have struggled with slightly is the straps - the button can be quite difficult to press in to release the safety straps, but this may just be because it's new and may loosen over time with more use.

So all in all, I am HUGELY impressed with the Scoop.

It is not only visually stunning, but it makes life much easier!!

I have heard a few comments made on the price of the Scoop - yes it is certainly more expensive than a lot of highchairs, but I do believe that you get what you pay for.

I think that - considering the design, the quality and the functionality that you're getting with this highchair - you can't expect the price to mirror that of the less attractive, basic, fold away, flimsy highchair with no key features other than being made for a child to sit in.

If that is all you want from a highchair then yes, a lower priced one may be the better option for you - but if you want the ease of access, easy cleaning, and super stylish option then this is absolutely worth the extra cash in my opinion.

For more info please go to - RRP is £299.00



  1. Oh little Tyne looks very comfy indeed, this reminds me of the bloom fresco we had actually but looks alot comfier, I agree they are a little heavy which is one con for me anyway. Super gorgeous looking though!

    Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube

  2. Wow! That looks great! So trendy!

  3. This is the coolest high chair i have ever seen! Great review x

  4. As you already know, I love this highchair!! So wish I had one!!

    Lauren x

  5. WOW What a highchair! Love it!

  6. Wow, stylish high chair!

    Laura Harris

  7. wow that looks very stylish. I love his bib too!

  8. I love it! I want one just for show, very cool!

  9. What a trendy looking highchair - fab

  10. I have just bought the exact same model and I love it, it looks really trendy and I agree about it being so easy to clean.xx

  11. wow love the highchair i was very similar in my thinking when i got a high chair for my children so i opted for a plastic chair easier to clean for me

  12. OMG How designer does that high chair look!

  13. What a cool highchair - love it

  14. still trying to convince my Wife the we have to have one of these! Lol

  15. wow fantastic high chair. looks so much better than the usual beige/white boring chairs. would look sleek and stylish

  16. I really love this. I wish I'd seen it before I bought Caleb's one. Boo!

  17. V nice and would look perfect in my black and white kitchen :)

  18. wow, ive never seen a highchair like that before. its about time they made one that fits in with your home decor instead of sticking out lika sore thumb.

  19. I wish I had this highchair when my kids were babies - it's fantastic!

  20. This highchair looks absolutely amazing! I will definitely keep a look out for it when the time comes!

  21. I LOVE this. It looks so modern! x

  22. Very cool, looks wipe clean too, which is essential!

  23. Thanks for your reviews am going to go and have a look online at where I can buy one of these, we're well Into the weaning journey and I thought our highchair would last us through until our son could sit at table and chairs but I am so fed up of food disappearing down the sides and having to strip it every couple of days to keep it clean so have been hunting for a wipe clean stylish looking comfy one!! :)


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