Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Christmas Countdown: Brilliant Gifts for Brothers!

Each week, I'm going to be bringing you a gift guide showing some of the wonderful gifts available this year for all your relatives!

I am going to be trying and testing each and every thing I recommend, and only the items that I feel are worthy will be featured.

This week it's my suggestions of perfect gifts for brothers!
Now I don't personally have a brother, but I guess they're not too different from a brother-in-law and I do have one of those - and the following are all items that I think would make perfect gifts for him! (If your brother happens to still be a child, then take a look at last weeks Perfect Gifts For Little Boys guide!)

1. Lynx Gift Sets

Lynx is a name that I am sure everybody has heard of. 
I have to admit, a few years back when I was in high school - Lynx was something (over)used by a lot of teenaged boys out to impress the girls, it was always cheap & cheerful!
But I think Lynx have improved both their product and their image immensely in recent years - their hilarious and ever-popular "Lynx Effect" ad campaigns have gone a long way to strengthen the public perception of the brand, and the product is now sleek, cool and functional.

The Lynx products are always a winner in our family around Christmas with the guys, everybody from my brother in law to my Dad is a fan and more than happy to tear into a good old Lynx Africa gift set on Christmas morning!
Their new ranges are as cool as ever, with gift sets such as the Apollo Dry collection pictured above containing shower gel, body spray and antiperspirant  retailing for just £8.99 you really can't go wrong!!

Lynx also have a range of female gift sets out on the shelves this year, so even more fab stocking fillers for all the family!!!

Available from Boots and all major retailers.

2. Personalised Slate!

If you're looking for a more personal touch for your darling brother, then this personalised slate board is ideal!

Apologies for the poor quality picture but basically this is a slate board which features the text "Hayley...Keep Calm and Make A List". I LOVE it!

In fact I would say its the ideal gift for ANY family member who is fond of a bit of list making, but since my brother in law is a fellow Virgo and loves making lists - he is the one I immediately thought of when deciding which category to put this great gift into!
It is very heavy which shows how great the quality is, and is the perfect addition to any kitchen or office space - the personalisation detail is fantastic and makes it such a unique gift which will be treasured for years!

Available HERE including personalisation for £24.99 from

3. Rehab London Gift Sets

If, like I was, you are unfamiliar with the Rehab London brand - let me explain a little about them.

Rehab London are the UK's leading natural skincare brand for men, and their products are specifically designed for male skin based around the masculine healing qualities of Hawaiian water algae and the volcanic sands of Tahiti to give superb grooming results.

This year, Rehab London have put together the Ultimate Revival Shaving Pack - Which contains full sized versions of the following products:

*Scrub Up Daily Detox Exfoliator
*Revive Survive Anti-Fatigue Cream
*Cold Turkey Shaving Gel

Jon kindly tested these products out for me - he was very impressed with the overall look of the set, stating that it appeared to be very "High end" and a gift he'd be impressed to receive.
He commented that the Revive Survive in particular had a very luxurious feel to it, and that he really enjoyed the gentle aroma and very unique cooling sensation to the Cold Turkey Shaving Gel. He also found that a little goes a long way.

The Ultimate Revival Shaving Pack is available exclusively from John Lewis for £24.99

4. StandEazy Phone Rests

These handy little phone rests may be very simple, but they are also VERY handy and I think they make an ideal stocking filler for any gadget lover!

I am always on my iphone, whether I'm at home or out and about, but with a baby often in my arms it can be difficult to use it one handed! So having a handy little phone rest to safely stand it on gives me the freedom to be able to do what I need to do - so convenient, so easy to carry around, perfect!
They phone rests are just credit card sized so perfect to carry along with you on your travels - and with prices starting at £2.99 it really does make the ideal "little extra" this Christmas!

Available from and Amazon.

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