Thursday, 24 October 2013

Christmas & New Year Outfit Ideas...

I've been spending a lot of time lately thinking about the upcoming holiday season...

I love Christmas so I always start getting excited early, but this is extra early even for me!

I literally can't stop myself from getting carried away with planning the perfect Christmas - I am just so excited and want to do everything I can to make Tyne's first Christmas extra special!

I've already sorted out his Main present which is sitting waiting to be wrapped, and he has around 5 or 6 other gifts ready and waiting too...I have a good idea of what else I want to get too.

I already have his Christmas sack, and some Christmas bibs and sleepsuits for him....

I have made some handmade Chruistmas decorations for him and have bought some Babies first Christmas decs too...

And I've been weighing up the idea of going to EuroDisney for our first New Years Eve, nothing is set in stone yet but we're mulling the idea over....

And so all that is left is the ever-so-important Christmas outfits!

I have already ordered this super cute T shirt from F & F which Tyne will wear on Christmas Eve:

And I have decided that, for Boxing Day, I want us all to wear tacky Christmas Jumpers!

I have this one from New Look:

I have ordered this one for Tyne from John Lewis:

And I want to get one for Jon similar to this:

I think the family photo opps will be amazing!
As for New Years Eve, I'd love us all to really glam up!

I am imaging something like this cute baby suit for Tyne:

And a really glamourous evening dress like this for me:

I am struggling somewhat to find an outfit for Tyne for Christmas Day - I want something extra special and I just can't seem to find something suitable!

What will you and your little ones be wearing for Christmas?! As always, I'd love to hear from you!
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