Saturday, 26 October 2013

Dressing The Baby - October Edition!

Can you believe that October is already at a close?!!

Before we know it, it'll be January 1st ... this year really has gone by so fast it is startling!!!

I always find October to be a pretty rubbish month - with the exception of Hallowe'en at the VERY end of the month (so practically November!) there is just nothing fun about October - the weather is so in-between, its the end of Summer but Winter isn't quite here yet....I never know how to dress for the best myself so I have been equally as unsure when it comes to dressing Tyne, not wanting him to be too warm or too cold.

Bib & Jeans - F & F at Tesco
Shirt - Next

This month I have been putting him in lots of checked shirts and coloured skinny jeans - I like the option of being able to layer them if need be, I have always had a thing for checked shirts and I much prefer coloured skinny jeans to the standard denim ones just to give a bit more of an eyecatching look! 

I also love pairing a matching dribble bib to complete the outfit!

Pants, Vest-shirt and bib - Next
Shoes - TK Maxx

This outfit is one of my absolute favourites right now - I LOVE the matching dribble bib and perfectly matching shoes!

Jumper - Asda
Jeans - Polarn O'Pyret

This is just an every-day comfy outfit  for around the house and going shopping, but it looks so cute and comfortable - there's something about the jumper I just really love and the colours in it really suit Tyne!

Matching personalised rompers - MillyMollyMandy on Ebay

I ordered these matching personalised baby rompers from Ebay just before my nephew was born as I thought the photo opps would be too cute! I'm so glad I did as, even though Tyne won't wear his much as it doesn't make much sense unless he's with Kier!, the photos are just priceless!!!

Bib - Tesco
Shirt - Mothercare
Flat cap - Next

I picked up this brown flat cap on a whim in Next on the day this photo was taken, we were out shopping and Jon tried it on him - it matched his outfit perfectly so we just had to buy it! I love the cheeky old man look!

And of course, it wouldn't be October with a Hallowe'en outfit...or 3!!!

Tyne was lucky enough to be sent all of these lovely outfits to choose from, and I just cannot decide which he should wear!! What do you guys think?!

And while we're on the subject of dressing for seasonal events, I recently ordered these gorgeous personalised bibs for over the Christmas period from Daisy Dribble Bibs on cute are they?!

I hope you like Tyne's outfits this month as much as I do!! As always, I'd love to hear from you!

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