Friday, 18 October 2013

Friday Fives: Things To Pick Up On Your Supermarket Trip!

Once a month I like to share my list of 5 great new products I've discovered, so here are my Top 5 Picks for October's Best Supermarket Finds!

1. Imperial Leather Foamburst

I have absolutely fallen in love with this product since I've been using it for the last couple of weeks.

It really does feel SO much more luxurious than any standard shower gel or soap. You squirt it out into your hand and it has the consistency of a kind of mix between mousse and gel if that makes sense - once you start to apply it to the skin, it foams up SO well into such a thick, creamy, indulgent lather and the scent is AMAZING!!!

I use the Bewitching blackberry and wild fig but there are several other scents available including Lime & grapefuit, honey & almond milk and many more.

The bottle is said to last for 40 washes, which may sound ambitious but I use quite a lot and have been using mine for 2 weeks roughly - and there is plenty left!!!

Available from stores nationwide, RRP £2.99

2. A Little More flavoured, healthy water

It has to be said, I am pretty notorious for drinking very unhealthily. I always have.

I love pop, and it is pretty much all I drink - I have always hated water - for some reason it has always made me gag whenever I try to drink it, its pretty embarrassing really and not something that anybody needs to see and I just avoid ever drinking it.

But flavoured waters actually help - I can drink these without gagging, and whilst they are not the most exciting drink in the world and certainly wouldn't ever be my first choice - I do appreciate that they are a far healthier option than pop.

I have recently been trying to force myself to drink some flavoured water each day, as I have been feeling very unwell and dehydrated - so when I was asked to try the A Little More waters I was really pleased.

They are basically flavoured waters which contain added vitamins - ideal!

They are the perfect size for kids lunch boxes, and the perfect way to sneak extra vitamins into them without them even realising!!!

Available from Tesco for £1.09

3. Pilgrims Choice Cheese

I'm pretty fussy when it comes to cheese, and I have tried quite a few varieties that I haven't been at all impressed with but Pilgrims Choice initially caught my interest with their odd but intriguing ad campaigns featuring the tiny cowboy!

The cheeses themselves certainly live up to the hype in my opinion - I tried the Mature cheddar and it was so tasty, creamy and just delicious.

I used it on its own in sandwiches and in cooking on top of lasagne, and it worked perfectly both ways.

For more information and recipe ideas, go to

4. Abra-ca-Debora Sweet Dutch Pancakes

I really wasn't sure what to make of these ready-to-eat pancakes, but I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised.

They are kept chilled, and so I worried that perhaps they'd be very soggy but I microwaved mine for 30 seconds as per the instructions and spread a little chocolate spread down the centre, wrapped them into a roll and devoured - OMG they were such a treat! So delicious, light, fluffy, tasted just like fresh and no nasty sogginess at all!

I love pancakes but usually only eat them once a year on pancake day, so I love the idea of these for regular dessert treats with no fuss and yucky pancake smell lingering in the kitchen for hours afterwards!

Available from Waitrose, Morrisons & Tesco for £1.75 for a pack of 6.

5. The Very Lazy Co

I LOVE the idea behind The Very Lazy Co products - their chopped garlic is literally a lifesaver product for me as I hate the faff involved with chopping my own garlic everytime I want to use it in cooking, which is very often!
So I was quite excited to learn that they've just brought a new range - including Smoked Chopped Garlic, Smoked Chopped Red Chillies and Fire Roasted Sliced Red Chillies - all the convenience with even more flavour for perfect autumnal dishes!!

They really do make life that much easier and meals that much tastier - what more could you ask for?!

Available from Tesco, RRP £1.78
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