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Happy Hallowe'en!: My Ghostly Encounters....

A few months ago, I shared with you all the story of the Ghost that seems to reside at my parents house....if you missed it, you can catch up HERE

I mentioned while chatting to some of you about that, that I had experienced some other encounters over the years and a few of you have asked me to share those experiences...

I thought it would be fun to wait until Hallowe'en to do it :)

And so here they are, all of the unusual and unexplainable experiences I have had over the years....

The Voice In My Bedroom

About 7 years ago, I was living in an old building which had been made into apartments....

I had lived there for a couple of years and not experienced anything spooky. So no thoughts of any such encounters were in my mind at all.

One morning, I had the day off work and was enjoying a lie in - my partner had already left for work, and I was completely alone in the apartment.

I was awake and had been lazing in bed, just running through the plans I had for the day in my mind...when I became aware of a voice...

It sounded far away and at first I thought it was coming from next door, but it gradually became clearer until eventually it sounded like it was coming from right next to me in the bed....

It was a male voice, and sounded like it belonged to somebody a lot older than wasn't a mean sounding voice, but it sounded quite gruff.

It sounds odd to say, but it sort of came into earshot halfway through a sentence....almost as though it was on a radio which wasn't tuned in properly, and only tuned in halfway through a sentence....

What I heard was this.... "...many years have passed. Indeed, I took my vows 800 years ago....."

And with that, the voice trailed off again.

I was very startled, and was too scared to turn over to look next to me or get out of bed for a good 20 minutes or so...

But the voice never came back, so I got up and went about my day....and I never heard the voice again.

It was extremely odd and of course whenever I tell people about it, they say I must have been asleep and not realised....but I KNOW that I wasn't. 

And I wish I could make sense of the sentence I heard....I have absolutely no idea what vows this person was referring to! (Although this did occur at the time I was in the process of calling off my wedding....)

The Orphan....

My old apartment building

Whilst living in that same apartment, I had a recurring dream about a girl who would sit on the stairs in my bedroom which led up to a small landing and a bathroom.

In my dreams, she would just be sitting on the stairs quietly crying and I would walk up to her and ask her why she was sad....and every time she would say the same thing to me... "I have nobody who loves me".

I never understood where the dream came from, I didn't recognise the girl at all and it seemed to happen randomly - sometimes I would have the dream every night for days on the run, and sometimes not for months on end.

I didn't really think much of it, until one day my partner told me he'd been looking online and googled our address - he asked if I'd known that our apartment building had - years ago - been used as one of the very first Barnardos childrens homes in the country.

I was fascinated and, of course, it took me straight back to my dream!

It could have been a coincidence of course - but I've never had the dream again since moving out of that building, and I can't help but wonder if the girl in my dreams was somebody who had lived in that childrens home.....

My Strange Celebrity Death Dreams

While we're on the subject of dreams, this one isn't exactly spooky but it is something that always stays with me and that I find odd.

On 3 separate occasions, I have dreamt about a famous person only to find that a few days later....they have died.

It happened first with Princess Diana.

I had a dream about her one night, and I remember clearly that she was wearing a beautiful long white gown in my dream....there wasn't much to the dream, she was just there...twirling around in her dress and looking beautiful.

The very next morning, I woke up and went downstairs to see images of her all over the TV....informing the world that she had been killed the night before.

A year or so later, I had another dream....there was a woman riding on a horse through mountains. I recognised her but I didn't know who she was.

I remember waking up and asking my Dad who it was I'd dreamt about....I said "I know it sounds stupid, but I've seen her face before on frozen food containers in Asda!"

He didn't have a clue who I was talking about, and so that was that.

About a week later, we were all watching the evening news when a story came on about a famous woman who had died....I pointed at the TV and said to my Dad "Thats her! The woman in the my dream from the food boxes!" - It was Linda McCartney.

I have no idea to this day why I was dreaming about Linda McCartney, when I didn't even know who she was at the time other than having seen her face on some veggie sausages!!!

The last time this happened was a few years back, I had a dream about going to see Kylie Minogue in concert except when I got there the show was cancelled - the next day the news story about Kylie having cancer was everywhere.

I was actually really upset by that as I thought my dream must be a sign that wasn't going to survive the cancer, and I've always been a big fan of Kylie .... luckily that dream did NOT come true!!!!

Another Voice....

My final experience is my most recent one - about 18 months ago, in the flat I was living in with Jon - I was about to be picked up by my Dad to be taken out somewhere.

There was only me home, and as usual I was running late.

My Dad rang my phone to say he was outside and was double parked,  so I said I'd be quick - I quickly finished throwing my clothes on, brushed my hair, grabbed my bag and ran out of the door....

I only got a few steps away when I realised that I had forgotten my jacket, so I quickly ran back to the apartment door, put my key in, and went inside....

I didn't bother putting the lights on as I knew where the coat was....I dashed in past the living room to head to my bedroom and get the I passed the living room, a voice inside it called "Helloooo!"

I know it sounds strange, but as I was so panicked and in a hurry....I didn't actually stop what I was doing.

I carried on into my bedroom, picked up the jacket and went back outside....I knew what had happened but it had all happened so quickly that I couldn't register it....I glanced into the dark living room as I ran past on my way back out, knowing there was nobody in there.

It wasn't until I got into my Dads car that it really hit me....I told my Dad what had happened and started shaking....of course, My Dad being ever the skeptic just laughed and said I'd imagined it...but I absolutely did not!
A voice clearly called out "Helloooo" from inside the clear as anything. It sounded like an older ladies voice, it was a very "cooo-eee!" type of greeting....the way an old lady would greet an old friend.

Again, it was a one off and I never heard that or any other voice there again.

But Jon did on a few occasions - he would quite often come dashing in from the kitchen in a panic, asking what was the matter - when I said "Nothing, why?!" he'd always say that he'd clearly heard me scream his name as though something dreadful had happened....but of course, I hadn't.

Very strange!!! 

Have you ever had any spooky experiences? I'd love to hear about them! If not, perhaps tonight is your turn.... ;)

Happy Hallowe'en!!!!
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