Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Haul: Tyne's Autumn Wardrobe!

Everytime I go shopping, I intend to do a haul post - but for some reason, I never get around to it!

So instead I decided to do one big collective haul post, showing all the items I've been buying lately as I've been putting together Tyne's Autumn/Winter wardrobe!
In the next few weeks I plan on doing a haul post for items I've bought for myself too as I've been stocking up lately - there are still a few bits I want to buy though! I have my eye on some lovely bits from New Look (Which I'll be posting about later) and some fab Bells Shoes ballet pumps from bellshoes.co.uk 

I HAVE to stop buying things now, as I literally cannot squeeze another single item in his wardrobe :/

I loved this little Maroon striped jumper and skinny jeans set as soon as I saw them, the colour is so unusual and not one that Tyne has in anything else. The dribble bibs were a must as I find it hard to find one to match each outfit he has, and I can't stand them being mismatched!
I absolutely loved the little sneaker-print socks which all match his various outfits perfectly - the Born Cool t shirt was a gift from my mum, and the other two tops pictured were gifts from Tyne's god mummy Sarah - I particularly long the one with the moustache on!

 Next are one of my all-time favourite shops for baby clothes, they never let me down!

I have been popping into store on and off lately to pick up some bits, and I was given a £15 off discount code to use online by one of the very helpful staff members which I of course took advantage of right away!

I wanted to make sure I had some nice chunky knits in to see Tyne through the winter, and I just loved the cute knitted romper, super smart striped jumper and the chunky knit grandad-style cardigan was one of my favourite buys so far!

I love the knitted patches on the elbow of the cardi!

Jon actually pointed out the checked shirt style vest and cords on the left and I fell in love with them right away, I just love the tan and baby blue colour mix and I LOVE the perfectly matching dribble bibs and socks!
The t shirt and boy-leggings (beggings?!) on the right were an impulse purchase online, but I'm glad I picked them up as they look so comfy!

I don't usually like to dress Tyne in sleep suits, but I loved the woodland prints on the 3-pack above and think they are just too cute to waste for bedtime so he WILL be wearing them in the day paired with the chunky knit cardi above!

 I find Asda can be quite hit and miss with baby clothes, sometimes they have tons in and sometimes I struggle to find anything I like....this time around I have only picked up a few bits. I love the tie-print and checked shirt set above, so smart but so comfortable! The jumper is really sweet, and you can't go wrong with an extra pair of jeans for £3!!!

I know the dungarees above are more for summer, but the weather in Devon can be a bit odd and you do get occasional sunny days in October so I thought it wouldn't hurt for him to have one short-legged item...and they match perfectly with the lovely chunky grey hooded cardigan!

The dark jeans, hoodie and t shirt pictured came as a set and were a gift from a friend - they aren't something I would have picked myself as I think the flourescent yellow would have put me off, but actually Tyne really suits them and they do have a cheeky charm about them!
I picked up the blue skinny jeans for £2!

 I saw the Rule The World all-in-one on Dolly Dowsie's blog a while ago and absolutely loved it, so when I saw it on a Buy One, Get One Half Price offer at Mothercare recently I had to grab it! I chose the baby blue dungaree set as I miss seeing Tyne in real baby colours and these look so super soft and comfortable!

I love the crown print detail on the bum of the Rule The World onesie!!!

The shirts and two piece set above are all things I bought while pregnant with Tyne, I have a real thing for checked shirts on babies - I just love the Little Man look!!!

Again, the striped jumper here is one I bought in the sale while I was pregnant - the hooded cardi was a baby shower gift from a friend, and is very fleecy inside to keep Tyne nice and warm!

Both of the above items were gifts, the robot set is quite unusual and I'm intrigued to see how it will look on Tyne!

These items were also gifts from my cousins who live in Spain, so were from the Spanish H & M - I particularly love the jumper!

The items above are the most recent ones I've bought, I absolutely fell in love with the white & baby blue rugby style onesie from Junior J at Debenhams when I saw it but I was a bit poor at the time and couldn't justify spending £16 on it when I knew Tyne just didn't need anymore clothes.
However once I heard that Debenhams had a sale on, I had to check online to see if it was reduced - and it was! So I got it for just £12.80!

And while I was there, I ended up ordering the baby blue Junior J snow suit too! It just looked so cute and comfortable, and I love my baby blue....it was reduced from £20 to £16 so it was a bit of a bargain too!

The above 3 piece set was another I bought while pregnant, and just love! It perfectly captures the Little Old Man style that I have always loved on baby boys and I can't wait to see Tyne in it!

Saving the best for last, this is my absolute favourite of Tyne's clothes at the moment! 
It is a 3 piece set from Mamas & Papas Occasionwear range and should have cost well over £40, but I got it in the sale for £24 which I think is a steal for such a gorgeous, high quality suit!
I'm hoping he'll get to wear it somewhere nice when we go on holiday soon!

 And finally, his coats!

I LOVE proper, old fashioned British clothes labels and Little Darlings has to be one of the best out there! I saw this very quaint little ribbed coat in a boutique while I was pregnant but it was in a bigger size for an older child and so I didn't get one. But when I saw it on the sale rail in size 6-9 months, reduced to £20 - I had to have it! It is quite lightweight but will be fine for trips in the car etc and makes a nice dress coat.

The quilted baby blue coat is from Benneton Baby, and was a gift from a family friend - I absolutely love it!!!! It looks lovely and snuggly, so will keep Tyne nice and warm through the winter!

So there you have it! Tyne's autumn/winter 2013 wardrobe - I just need a couple of hat/mitten sets and perhaps a darker coloured coat to match different outfits and we're all sorted!!!!! :)

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