Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Night In vs Night Out: Which do you prefer?!

When I was a little younger, I loved nothing more than a good night out. 

You may recall I recently posted about how my birthdays have changed over the years....from many drunken nights out to civilized tea parties at home with the baby!

I first started going out on the town properly when I was around 18 (although there had been a few sneaky nights out before then!) - I used to go the same few clubs and bars every weekend with the same circle of friends.

We'd spend all week phoning each other to plan our outfits, go shopping for new things to wear, etc - the whole week would be geared toward the weekend night out!
The main focus would, of course, be who we could "Pull" but there was lots of fun had in the meantime - endless dancing, and lots of laughs!
I think the last proper night out I had that involved a club, a proper going-out outfit and dancing was my 30th birthday - which was now over 2 years ago. Wow!

I can't imagine there being too many of those nights out in the immediate future for me, and although I did enjoy them so much at the time and as much as I still love a good dance - I have to admit, I am much more a fan of nights in now!

If I had to choose between going out and  braving the elements, spending money on annoying extras like taxis/buses home and entry fees into clubs etc...Or having a quiet night in where I could stay snug and warm, and spend less money - I'd choose night in every time!
I realise how much of an old lady that makes me sound ;)

I recently came across a survey online which had questioned women on this very subject, I was highly amused by the some of the reasons people gave for preferring one over the other...for example 14% of people prefer a night in as there is far less chance of bumping in to your ex!! 

A very good point, I thought! 

Would you rather go out on the razz or stay at home for a girly night in?! As always, I'd love to hear from you!
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