Sunday, 13 October 2013

Our Cornwall Holiday: Part 2

(Continued from yesterdays post!)

On Wednesday, we headed to St Ives for the day. 

Again the weather wasn't great, but we didn't let it stop us from having a good explore!

We found a little craft fair which was lovely to look around, we explored the local windy streets and little shops, we had a look at the lovely beaches and seaviews, and we had a posh afternoon in a lovely seaview hotel.

As it started to rain heavily when we were heading back to the car, we decided to catch the bus back to the carpark - this seemed to be Tyne's favourite treat of the day! I've never seen him so delighted!!!
He was sitting on my knee looking out of the window, laughing his head, squealing with glee and turning around every so often to give me big sloppy kisses!!! Almost as if he was saying thank you for taking him on the bus ride, so sweet! He had all the other passengers cooing over him!

The following day we decided to have the last day of the holiday on the site, and so we took Tyne to the soft play centre.

There was nobody else there so we had the run of the place! He had such a good time playing on the rocking horse, and he loved playing in the ball pond with Daddy!!

After we'd had a good play, we took him to the swimming pool - I couldn't get any photos in there obviously but its a shame as it was an amazing pool!

There were 3 big water slides which Jon enjoyed a lot! There was a big tap at the side of the pool, a geyser in the middle, a waterfall at the edge, and the toddler pool even had a baby slide in - it was lots of fun!

Tyne has never liked swimming before but the water here was warm and we put him straight into his Zoggs swim ring, he seemed to really enjoy it! I love Zoggs swimming products for children - their swim rings are such a help when swimming with a baby and they have a great range of childrens swimwear for school.

Tyne loved swimming, and was laughing away the whole time, I wish I'd been able to photograph it!

That evening we went out to a Mexican Restaurant in Newquay town centre for a nice last night meal, which was really lovely.

Friday was our last morning so we had to check out of the holiday park early, we headed to Newquay before we left for one last walk around the centre and the shops, and stopped in some arcades along the way so that Tyne could have a last go on the rides.

I decided to spend my last 20p in change on the grabber machine and was amazed to win this really cute Disney Planes toy right away!

We stopped briefly in Mevagissey on the way home so that I could go to the Lavendar Pillow, which has to be one of my favourite ever shops! It sells all sorts of weird and wonderful witchy things, and I love to browse it! I picked up some fairy bits & pieces for my nieces, and then we headed back home - worn out but relaxed after a lovely first family holiday!

All in all, we enjoyed our caravan holiday and it was nice to have the freedom of a caravan rather than a hotel - definitely a suitable holiday when you have little ones. 

But Jon & I did miss the luxury element a bit, so we would consider perhaps doing a hotel holiday next time - and we are still hoping to take Tyne on a cruise holiday in the not too distant future!

Have you been on a caravan holiday? Have you stayed in Newquay before? As always, I'd love to hear from you!
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