Saturday, 12 October 2013

Our Cornwall Holiday!

Last week, myself & Jon took Tyne to Cornwall for the week for our first proper family holiday.

We decided on Cornwall as its not a massive distance away so no hugely long drive to contend with, just 2 hours! And we really enjoyed it when we stayed overnight last month at Seaview International so we decided we'd like to explore the area a little more.

We decided to go for a more central location this time, and after a lot of good things about Hendra Holiday Park in Newquay we decided to stay there.

We booked their highest grade caravan for four nights, and were very excited to see how it would turn out - as it has to be said, Jon & I are much more used to going on cruise holidays and European mini breaks - we like a bit of luxury and pampering on holidays, lots of sightseeing, and a bit of hustle bustle.... we are not really caravan/countryside walks/camping kind of people! (Least of all me!!)

We spent the weekend sorting out the nightmare of packing for a baby! I'm the worlds biggest overpacker for holidays anyway (Another reason I love cruising, no such thing as excess baggage - I take 3 massive suitcases with me!) and I found myself making the same mistakes with packing for Tyne - taking four extra outfits "just incase", spare PJs, shoes for every outfit, etc etc.
 Luckily we had some decent luggage, as I find lightweight luggage is perfect if you're prone to overpacking.

The holiday unfortunately didn't get off to a great start as I woke up on Monday very unwell, the day we were supposed to be setting off! We almost didn't go at all, but I perked up later in the day and we headed off - albeit about 5 hours later than we had planned to!

We arrived at the holiday park at around 7pm, and checked in to our caravan which was pretty nice - it had all the mod cons such as a flatscreen TV and even an Ipod docking station! - and had nice modern decor, so it felt kind of like a home away from home. It was very clean, and pretty spacious considering it slept 6 and there was just the 3 of us there.

We spent the first night settling in to the caravan, got a fish & chip supper, and Tyne had fun just enjoying his new surroundings and eating the holiday brochure!

The next day we had a proper explore of the camp site! Hendra has two arcades, a couple of on site shops, a pizzeria/coffee bar, a fish & chop shop, a restaurant, a club/bar, a soft play area, a playground, a skate park and a swimming pool both indoor and outdoor.

We spent some time playing video games in the arcade while Tyne snoozed in the pram, and then we went for a drive around Newquay. Unfortunately the weather wasn't good, so we headed to a posh restaurant called The Lewinnick Hotel which has a beautiful view of the sea for a nice late lunch/early dinner.

That evening we went to the evening entertainment on site, Tyne loves flashing lights and pop music so he had an absolute ball!! We also went back to the arcades and Tyne had a play on the some of the rides!

Part Two of our holiday post is coming up tomorrow!

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