Sunday, 27 October 2013

Seriously, what to buy for a man?!

I have started my Christmas shopping already and am a fair way through it.

I already have a good amount of Tyne's gifts and am waiting a little while before deciding on the rest as I want to make sure that they're age appropriate so I want to see what sort of stage he's at with toys in a few weeks time before I buy anything else....

I already have my parents gifts sorted, my sister and my nieces are done, I have a few gifts sorted for friends and other relatives...

So that just leaves one main person left that I need to buy for.


And how many ideas do I have of what to buy for him?


As somebody who is running a regular Christmas Countdown Gift Guide feature, you'd think that I'd be pretty clued up on the ideas front but when it comes to Jon he is pretty impossible to buy for.

He likes clothes - but his tastes are very specific and I would worry that he wouldn't like the things I'd choose for him.

He enjoys music so I had thought about buying a really high quality sound system or a home cinema system as he's a big movie fan, but I wouldn't be sure that he'd use it very often as I usually have the monopoly over what we watch and listen to!

Then there are the usual suspects - gift sets, cologne, socks, underwear, books - but they are things I buy him every birthday and Christmas.

He doesn't like expensive watches or anything like that, he's not really into designer stuff.

He doesn't follow sports so doesn't have any favourite teams that I can hunt down merchandise from etc.

His main hobby is war gaming - he paints little soldiers, and he enjoys things like War Hammer  - but I don't know where to start with it all, and whenever I have tried to just pick out random things from the websites he visits he always acts pleased but I can tell from his reaction that what I've chosen isn't quite what he's into!

So where to go from there?!!

I really need some help here people!
He always makes a massive effort with gifts for my birthday and Christmas, and I'd like just once to manage to really surprise him with something great.

Any suggestions!??
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