Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The excitement is building.....

I know that it's not even Hallowe'en yet and I probably shouldn't be blogging about the festive season already but I just can't help myself.
I have ALWAYS loved Christmas, but this year I am just so extra excited!!
When I was little Christmas always seemed so magical, and although I continued to love it as I grew up - once I stopped "believing" I couldn't help but feel that a little bit of the excitement of Christmas had waned - but everybody told me that once I had my own children the excitement would come back again, and be even more magical then before seeing it through their eyes!
I know that Tyne is too little to understand Christmas this year but it doesn't stop me from being so excited and looking forward to it so much.
I've been putting together my own little wish list for him to send off to Santa, of things I think he'll enjoy....
Happy Hopperz Reindeer
Little Bird Told Me Caterpillar

Go Baby Go Dino Popper

My Pal Scout
And Santa already has a few things tucked away safely for him!!
Giant George Pig

 Dancing Winnie The Pooh

Neil The Seal

Franky The Hanky Whale

I can't wait to see him opening his gifts on Christmas morning and tucking in to his first Christmas dinner!
As much as I love Christmas itself, I also love the build up to it and have been Googling local events to make plans to attend this year...I love going to local craft fairs (and will be taking part in some myself this year!) and Christmas light switch ons, etc.
I can't wait to take Tyne for his first ever visit to Santa's grotto!
And I can't wait to go Christmas shopping - I like to be organised and sort most of my gifts online just so that I know I've got the best deals from places like Amazon for childrens toys and books, and Best Gift Company for the Best Designer Gifts.
But I still have to make sure I leave a few little gifts until the last minute so I can go out and experience the hustle bustle and excitement of the shops, and soak up that chaotic Christmas atmosphere!
So as much as I love Hallowe'en and Bonfire night......as far as I'm concerned, roll on Christmas!!! I just can't wait!!! :)
What's your favourite thing about Christmas? Would you agree that its got better since you had children? As always, I'd love to hear from you!
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