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Thursdays Thought: My Experience with Psychic Mediums

You may recall that I have mentioned in the past that I enjoy practising the art of divination.

I read tarot cards, I practise pendulum dowsing, and I have had a number of experiences which I have blogged about before.

This week, I had a reading from a psychic medium - it was roughly my 8th or 9th reading.

I thought I would share my experience here for those who may be interested - now I understand that there are some sceptics out there who don't believe in this sort of thing and that is entirely your choice, but please don't be rude enough to leave me comments telling me what a load of rubbish this is - it's something I believe in strongly, and I see spiritualism as almost a religion of sorts - just as you wouldn't bash a Muslim or Christian for their belief's, please don't think it's ok to bash mine because I will not be impressed :)

So - I first saw a psychic when I was 16.

My mum was very unsure of letting me see her as she said I was too young, and she is somebody who is very dubious about the whole thing and fears what she doesn't understand. She's never had a reading and never would. 
But her sisters enjoy them and it was them who took me along to see this psychic medium.

Her name was Pat - she was in her late 70s, and was very peculiar.

She was reading for us at my aunts house, and she was sitting in the conservatory to do the readings - we could see in slightly to where she was sitting and we noticed in between readings that she was looking off to her right and talking away to somebody - even though she was the only person in the room!
Everybody found this very odd and spooky, but I just remember thinking it was quite cool!

When it was my turn, she was very welcoming. She smiled at me and said "Oh hello my lovely girl. Bless you, there's not a lot I can tell you - you're too young to have experienced much yet!"

She was very kind to me and said that because I didn't have much of a past to discuss with her, she wouldn't take my money - but that she would chat to me a little about the few things she was able to tell me.

She told me that I had a love around me, and that I was flanked by 3 spirits all around me -one either side, and one behind me. She said that they were protecting me and they were telling her not to give me a reading because I was too young for all of this.

She said that the man on my left was wearing a naval uniform, and the lady on the right was a tall woman who was very very thin. The man at the back of me troubled her she said - she said he was young, and he was a very happy person - always making everybody laugh. But that the laugher stopped suddenly, and she could see pressure marks around his neck as though he'd been held by it somehow.

None of this made much sense to me at the time, but I was intrigued by her and just carried on listening.

She told me that there'd be an offer of a ring in my future but that I would turn it down. That there would be children but not for quite a long time. And that the most important thing she could tell me was that I had a gift very similar to hers - that in 30 years time I would be sitting where she was, giving a reading to somebody else.

I told her that I had been playing with tarot cards since I was 12 and I loved it - she told me to keep practising but not to be scared when new things start to happen. 

After my reading I told my family what had been said - I learned that my grandmother who had died when I was 4 was very tall and thin, that my grandfather who died years before I was born was a naval officer, and that my Uncle Ronnie was always making people laugh - but he died very young in a drowning accident, though his family always believed there was more to it and that he was held under the water - which may explain the marks she said were around his neck. 

After that, I had readings every few years.

I have seen some terrible psychics who have literally not got a thing about me right - one in particular stands out in my mind. 

She read for my friend a few days earlier, and when I went to see her she had clearly got it into her head that my friend was my sister - and so she was reading for me giving me all the things that she knew were true about Amy - about her Dads death from cancer, and how it affected the family. She wouldn't leave it alone even when I kept telling her that my father was alive and well - she had convinced herself that Amy was my sister and I would be an easy £20 for her as she would just recycle Amy's reading.

Once she realised that wasn't go to work, she tried to backtrack on it by telling me that Amy's Dad was there because I must have been close to him too (I never met the man, he died long before I ever knew Amy....) and that he wanted me to give Amy a birthday present from him because it was her birthday soon.

It actually was Amy's birthday the following week which almost impressed me - but when I asked Amy if she had told the woman her birthday or her starsign, she said that yes she'd given her starsign - so of course, knowing that her birthday was close by was simple from knowing her starsign!

So yes, not a good experience.

However, other experiences have been simply amazing.

Psychics have given me the names of all of my grandparents who have passed, details of their deaths, etc.

The reading I had this week was a positive one.

As soon as I sat down, he said to me "I was watching you standing over there and I knew you were going to come to see me. Your Nan is here, she told me you'd be coming over....she was so frail toward the end, she lost so much weight!....She was so tired. She wants to tell you that you don't need to feel guilty about what happened before she died because it wasn't your fault".

For anybody who doesn't know - My Nan died a couple of months ago after a long struggle with alzheimers, and I have felt very guilty about not taking Tyne to visit her before she died. 

She was very frail and tired when she died, and she was skeletal - so it all rang very true to me and of course I immediately started to cry!

As the reading went on, he told me that my other grandmother was with me too - he told me that she had a child who was supposed to be on the Earth but wasnt, and that his death was somehow related to Wales (My Uncle Ronnie who I mentioned earlier died in North Wales...) - he said that my other grandmother wanted me to take better care of my health, because I have struggled to recover fully from having my baby and that I need to focus more energy on myself.

He said that I will only just have recovered from Tyne's birth, and I will then end up pregnant again - he said there has been a lot of talk of a daughter (Which there has!!!) and that I will certainly have one so I needn't worry about it.

He asked me if the name Jon meant anything to me - when I told him he was my partner, he said that he was a good man and that there'd be a proposal soon (I won't hold my breathe for that one!!!).

He asked me "Who is it who does all the typing? Is it you? Somebody spends so much time just typing typing typing....." - as you all can see, I type an awful lot!!!

He then said "The things that you've just started to sell online? That will go very well indeed! You may even need to hire somebody to help you".

As I have just started a handcraft business online I found that impressive.

So all in all, I was very impressed with my reading and it made me happy to feel like I had a bit of contact with my Nan.

He told me that I should make more of an effort with my own psychic readings, and that I should join a local spiritualist group which I do intend to do - I used to attend one in my old town and I would like to join one here. So that is my next mission!

If you are interested in seeing a psychic for the first time, here are my tips:

*Know the difference between a psychic, clairvoyant, medium etc -  For example a psychic medium is somebody who can communicate with the spirit world, a clairvoyant "sees" things, a clairaudient "hears" things...a fortune teller is something different altogether and merely claims to be able to see your future. 

*Understand the different tools - some psychics will not use any tools and will merely communicate with spirit. Some use tarot cards, some use angel cards, some use crystal balls or rune stones....make sure you are comfortable with the tools they are using first.

*Consider having your reading recorded or ask if you can take notes as they move quickly and it can be hard to remember everything later

*Don't give too much away but don't try too hard to trick people either - it's fine to be a little cagey with answering questions as some bad psychics will try to coax information out of you, but to deliberately mislead somebody by removing a wedding ring for example will only throw them off and make them second guess possible information coming through....

*Don't fall for the appearance! A true psychic doesn't need to wear tye-dye flowing dresses, flowers in their hair or have any weird and wonderful eccentric things around them - the psychic I chose this week was a middle aged man wearing jeans and a t shirt. I personally find the genuine ones do not try to sell themselves with an image.

*Make sure you are ready - be prepared to possibly hear from loved ones who have passed and make sure you are emotionally ready for that. Equally, don't invest too much hope in hearing from them because they may not come through.

Have any of you ever experienced a psychic reading? As always , I'd love to hear from you!

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