Thursday, 24 October 2013

Thursdays Thought: The Silly Things That Scare Me.....

With Hallowe'en just around the corner, my mind has been firmly focused on all things spooky lately and I have been thinking over the numerous things that scare me to my wits end.

Unfortunately I am quite a whimp, so there are many of these things!!

It made me many of you out there have similar fears to me? I often think a lot of my fears very obscure, but perhaps I'm not alone in them? Maybe they are more common than I think?

So I'm sharing my most hardcore fears with you (even though just writing about them sends shivers down my spine!) and I would LOVE you to comment and tell me all about your fears too!


To be fair, windows of a daytime don't bother me at all. Infact they're rather nice! I like to sit and look out of the window watching the world go by....

But once night time draws in and it's dark outside, windows become something altogether more sinister.

I am constantly filled with the dread that a face may suddenly appear against the window - or that I might see a figure running past....

I absolutely have to have to curtains or blinds closed at night time, I cannot stand the thought of looking up at it in the middle of the night to see a masked face looking back at me.....


I suppose the fear of mirrors is very similar to the fear of's not the mirror itself that scares me (Although the reflection in the morning can be sodding terrifying!!!) ... it's the fear of seeing something standing behind me that shouldn't be there.

Also, ever since watching Poltergiest 3: Hall Of Mirrors as a child, I have been terrified that my reflection may turn on me - do you remember the scene where Carol-Anne's reflection grabbed her and dragged her up the mirror?!!! 



I never had a fear of clowns - infact I never understood why anybody could be scared of a clown (the fact that I have never seen IT probably has a lot to do with that....) - but one day, I was dragged along to a haunted house attraction at a theme park.

It was a movie themed one with live actors.

One of the rooms was done out as a clowns dressing room - there was very creepy, slow, circus music playing and there were two clowns in the room....scary clowns with horrific make up.

One was sitting at a dressing table, putting on his make up at a menacingly slow pace - the other was very slowly walking around, looking the crowd of visitors up and down.

I decided the best way to avoid his attention was to stare firmly at the floor and not make eye foolish of me, of course that made him head straight for me!

He stood an inch away from me - I continued to look at the floor, he breathed down my neck and stood silently watching me....then he reached his finger out and very slowly ran it along my cheek....and then whispered "Boo".

Well....I basically almost died!! I don't think I have ever experienced anything quite so eerie in my life, and ever since then....I'm not so crazy about clowns!!

Footsteps Behind Me....

I cannot STAND it when I am walking along on my own and I can hear footsteps behind me.

I know that a lot of people may feel this way because they may fear being attacked from behind....but that's not what scares me.

What scares me is the idea that I may walk past a shop window and notice that - although I can hear footsteps - there is actually nobody there!

Tyne's "Friends"....

I know it is probably wrong to be a little freaked out and scared by your own baby, but whenever I am alone with Tyne he often gets suddenly distracted and looks off to a specific corner of the room - he seems to have had his attention caught by something, he stops and concentrates on whatever it is for a few moments and then he laughs....the same way he does if a person is standing there talking to him.

But of course - there's nobody there. At least nobody that I can see.....

What are your fears?! Do you share any of mine? As always, I'd love to hear from you!


  1. I hate clowns as well, something to do with the creepy smile they all have.... xx

    Beautyqueenuk xx

  2. Ohh mirrors and clowns scare me too.....Thanks
    My girls used to do that....Look off into a certain spot and it really used to freak me out...

  3. I'm the same with windows, I'm abit of a weird one when it comes to paranormal so have seen a face at the window (as has my sister) ..I pretty much have the same fears, adding to the ventreloquist dolls...arghhh! I've been invited to blog vip at the halloween event at the dungeons and I'm pretty much pooping myself at the thought! X

  4. One can relate to to the window fear!


  5. Haha, yes! Caleb has "friends" too! My dad says they're ghosts or angels!

  6. I hate windows at night.

    A couple of years ago I looked out and saw a face staring back at me. Just a regular guy who I'd never seen before. He ducked as soon as my terrified eyes met his! Nathan didn't believe me and I wouldn't let him go and investigate - I just closed the blinds and made sure every door and window in the house was locked.

    I tried hard to forget about it but, of course, this made me think about it ten times as much. One morning I was walking home from dropping Stacey at school when a car pulled up beside me. The door opened and a guy lunged at me and dragged me into the drivers seat. I recognised the face straight away ... window man. I'll never forget the creepy way he asked me if I'd seen someone on my garden last weekend. Jeez, he frightened the life out of me. All I could manage was a nod. Anyway, he made out it was a guy further up the street from me and said he'd kick his head in for me ... nice.

    Turns out, creepy window guy was my next door neighbours new fella! Now I have to see him almost every day and he always gives me this grin and wink. Urgh. I hate it.

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  7. Im not a big fan of windows, mainly kitchen windows at night as they generally dont have blinds or anything.


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