Monday, 7 October 2013

Want Whiter Teeth for FREE?! You NEED to check this out!

As I have mentioned before in posts, I have struggled a lot with confidence issues relating to my teeth since childhood.

I hate my teeth so much that I cannot bring myself to ever smile in photos, and this leads to a lot of comments about me looking miserable - I'm actually quite a cheerful person, but I just cannot stand how I look when I smile.

One of my issues is with discolouration, and I would love to have whiter teeth.

So I was very excited to discover this amazing offer from Beau Teef Shop who are currently looking for testers for their Advanced Whitening Strips!

T3X Strip-fast are a top and bottom elasti stretch strip that is coated in a mint flavoured whitening gel  - results are promised after just one use!

All product testers will get a 3 day course of the strips for FREE  - all that is needed to be paid is the Delivery Charge of £3.25.

  Once you receieve your strips simply wear them in the evening for 30-45 minutes, remove and brush.

After use, leave your comments on the Beau Teef Shop website - its that simple!!!

The Beau Teef Shop also stock a variety of other teeth whitening products such as the Forever White Pen and Custom Made Fitted Mouth Trays 

I will certainly be testing the Whitening Strips out and giving my feedback!!! Will you?! To take part, just click HERE

Alternatively, to check out the rest of the range of whitening products at unbelievably low prices go to

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