Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Baby Watch: 8 Months Old!

Dear Tyne,

Happy 8 Months Baby Boy!

Daddy & I have overkilled the Christmas chat and so have moved on to discussing plans for your 1st Birthday already! I can hardly believe its already so close! eeeek!

The last few days though I have to admit, you have SEEMED older!

I can't quite put my finger on it or explain it, but you just suddenly seem to be more aware of things and more socially aware too if that makes sense?!

You used to just smile and laugh all the time whenever you found anything funny, but now you give social smiles too - when I smile at you, you give me a coy half-smile back - it's very hard to describe but its very sweet and you look ever so cheeky and knowing when you do it!

You've also started to realise that you can get our attention by "talking" - if you want Daddy's attention you look at him and make shouting sounds until he looks at you. I think in your mind you're shouting "Oi! Dad!" - you certainly seem to know what you're saying anyway!

Unfortunately you've been really poorly this past week, it's the first proper sickness you've had - we were lucky that you managed 8 months without so much as a cold but my goodness, it REALLY knocked you sideways when it came!

Luckily today, exactly 1 week after it hit, you seem to have made a full recovery. Just a cough left now but you are completely back to your happy self!

Eating & Sleeping

After being so ill all week, Daddy & I had you sleeping in our bed with us because we just didn't like the thought of you feeling rubbish and being on your own in your cot.

Last night was time to put you back in your own bed, and I was worried that it might be difficult to make the transition back again - actually you didn't even seem to notice and you slept fine as always!
It was me who missed you more than anything!

You are sleeping fine of a night, you still don't have a set routine - which we're absolutely fine with, it works for us - you go to bed between 9-10 pm most nights when you're starting to fall asleep.
You go straight to bed, and fall off to sleep. 
You usually sleep until around 9.30 but every now and then you might have a bottle around 5, though is only happening maybe once a week now.

Your napping during the day has no set structure to it, but today I did try to start introducing a nap time - I put you in your cot at 1.30 just after lunch, and left you in there awake. Daddy said I was mean but you didnt cry, and within 3 minutes you were fast asleep!

You slept for an hour and fifteen minutes.

I think we'll try doing that every day, and perhaps try an evening nap at around 6 - if you need any more sleeps though I still won't stop you having them. I think if you're sleepy, you need to sleep and that's all there is to it! 

As for eating, I was very worried as when you were ill you didn't eat anything at all for 5 days straight! Then you finally started eating yoghurts.

Luckily today you seem to be back to normal and have eaten weetabix for breakfast, some spaghetti bolognese for lunch, and some chicken noodles for dinner. You are back to wanting all of Mummys food and drink again so I know you must be feeling better!

Your Life At 8 Months

You are still our happy, bubbly little boy - nothing much has changed there!

You LOVE grabbing faces at the moment - it gets a little painful but its ever so cute!
You don't have any teeth yet, and you are not crawling at the moment - you preferred method of transport is rolling!

You love sitting up and playing with your toys, but your favourite thing is to just sit with the grown ups and chat or sing.

You do absolutely love Sophie Le Giraffe though - she is your absolute favourite toy at the moment and you take her everywhere!

You love playing with your cousins, especially Amelie! I think you're going to love Christmas when the family are all here and there are lots of faces around!
You have been taking more of an interest in Kier lately too.

We're still waiting on the "mama" word but you have started holding your arms to me when you want me to pick you up and saying "mmm" over and over, so I think you're making progress there!!!

This month you had your first trip to the capital - we had a busy day out in London where we went out for dinner and looked around Hamleys toy store!

You were very well behaved as always, and the 4 hour train journey was surprisingly easy! The other passengers commented on what a good traveller you were, and on the ride home you particularly loved the in-seat TV screens showing Peppa Pig the whole way home!!!

And of course we picked up a souvenir Hamleys bear!

During last month we also celebrated your first Halloween....

 and your first Bonfire Night with some fireworks and Sparklers at Aunty Laura's house.

The next big event will be Christmas - you'll be turning 9 months old on Boxing Day! eeek!

Well, that's all our news for now.

Lots Of Love,

Mummy xoxo
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