Monday, 2 December 2013

Dressing The Baby: November

We've been keeping snug & warm as the winter approaches with lots jumpers to snuggle in and hats to keep us nice and warm!

One area we need to concentrate on though is shoes! You'll notice that throughout this post -Tyne has an amazing lack of shoes in all photos!

Mostly because he just will not keep them on!

I have been thinking about getting him some more lace-up styles though as these may be a little easier?!

I've been browsing a lot on Ebay and Treds  for baby converse and vans shoes so I may have to splurge a little before Christmas!

This super thick warm jumper is ideal for the cold days and looks gorgeous paired with bright blue chinos.

I love this grey cable knit hooded cardi from Miniclub at Boots - it's just gorgeous and goes with so many otufits!
I love it most with your Baby Baker jeans and the super cute bowtie and brace print vest that Uncle Derrick sent from the US, I believe he got it in Old Navy if I recall the tags correctly!

This super cute waistcoat, shirt and jeans set was almost forgotten about in the back of your wardrobe...its actually size 0-3 months so its incredible that it fits you! You wont get more than a couple of wears out of it sadly but its so gorgeous!

Recently we've putting you in your pram suit if we've been out for walks, and it looks so snuggly!
I love you in baby blue!

Your new personalised outfit from My 1st Years is another of my favourites - I love seeing you in anything with your name on and hats really suit you, plus I love that they make you look like a little tiny baby again!

And finally, I decided to include the outfit you wore today as its a little different from what you'd usually wear but it suited you!
It was a gift from a friend, and it is covered in lots of little robots - Daddy's favourite! - so its very boyish and you look very cheeky in it!

So thats my favourite outfits from November! I think next month we'll be seeing lots of red!! :)

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