Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Family Holiday Thoughts & Saving

Ever since having my first child earlier on in the year, my mind has often turned to thoughts of holidays.
I have always loved travelling, but because I hate flying it can be pretty expensive for me to take a holiday abroad.
I adore cruise holidays and they are, as I've mentioned before, absolutely my preferred method of travel - but they certainly don't come cheap!
Lately I've been spending a lot of time looking at my online bank account and day dreaming about what sort of family holiday we should take with my savings.

I was determined to save up a little rainy day money once I had Tyne, and thanks to my crafting business, selling on eBay here and there, car boot sales and the like I have been able to build a little bit of money to keep to one side - I like to have safely tucked in my ISA and the beauty of online banking of course is that I can control it from the comfort of my own home, 24/7!

I've been toying with a few holiday ideas lately....

We'd LOVE to take Tyne to Euro Disney and I have been considering going for New Years Eve - I always find New Year to be such an anti-climax after all the fun of Christmas, and even though Tyne is too little to really appreciate EuroDisney - I think the photo opportunities will be great and I have always wanted to visit there myself anyway!!!!

Coach companies do some great New Years deals which include local pick and drop off points, your ferry or Eurostar journey, a hotel in the Greater Paris area, your park tickets and park transfers! All for around £200 per person for 2 days!

But Alternatively, I have also been wondering if we may be better off waiting until the beginning of Summer while the kids are still in school and booking a cheap last minute cruise deal instead - for only about £400 more we could have a 2 week mediterranean cruise holiday!

We have already done a couple of short Caravan holidays, we're hopefully going to have a few nights in London to do some Christmas-y things this month and next month we're going to going overnight to Weymouth for their Christmas Fayre and Market which we're very excited about....But I can't help but feel the need to have a "proper" holiday to look forward to!

Which would you go for?! And what kind of holidays do you and your family most enjoy taking?

I honestly cannot decide!

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