Friday, 1 November 2013

Friday Fives: Five Movies That Terrify Me!

I am a massive movie buff and I love scary movies....I enjoy being scared but I can only watch them with other people, or in the day time!

Some "scary movies" over the years have just left me in stitches of laughter - there are certain things that just don't scare me at all.

I personally don't enjoy slasher movies or class them as scary movies....I enjoy the supernatural ones, I find those the most scary because to me its the genuine unknown and anything could happen!
Here is my Top 5 Scariest Movies and the scariest scenes from them!!

Dare you watch?!

1.  Poltergeist

I first saw the movie Poltergeist when I was quite young - I was about 11 and it was on TV one evening while I was being babysat at a neighbours house, she clearly didn't realise that my sister & I wouldn't have ever been allowed to watch it....her teenaged son was watching it and so we all watched it.

I was so intrigued as it was one of the first scary films I'd seen, but I loved it!
I think it helped that Heather O'Rourke playing Carol-Ann was so cute...and once she was sucked into the TV, I was hooked....I had to watch it to the end to find out if they got her back!
Then a few years later I found out more about the movie, once I learned that little Heather O'Rourke had died shortly after the filming of the third movie I was very curious - I started reading all about the supposed Poltergeist movie curse that haunted the cast and crew!

I still find the whole subject interesting (Although I don't believe there was really a curse!) and I still love the movies - I find the second movie in the series (Poltergeist 2: The Other Side) the scariest as I found Kane absolutely terrifying...

This is the scene that scared me the most (Very hard to find a clear clip of such an old movie!):

2. The Others

I love Nicole Kidman, she is one of my all time favourite actresses - so seeing her in a scary movie was great. 

I loved the concept of the movie and the twist at the end did keep me guessing - I didn't guess what it was until just a few moments before it happened!

I thought the child actors were fantastic and seeing it all from their perspective really made it all the more scary.

The scariest scene for me is this one:


3. The Woman In Black

I find old movies pretty scary, so this movie set a fair while back has all the eerieness of those old school films... 

I first saw the story told when I saw the west end play version of The Woman In Black - I never thought a play could be scary but I was wrong, it was terrifying!!!

I have to admit that the movie didn't quite live up to the stage play, but nonetheless it was effective and very very jumpy!!

Here is what I thought was one of the best opening scenes from a scary movie:

4. The Orphanage

I've tried to get so many people to watch this movie but because its foreign with english subtitles, people won't give it a chance!
It is such a shame because it is genuinely one of the best scary movies I have ever seen! 

It's also a really sad story, quite similar in many ways to The Others but with a different twist....

5. The Amityville Horror (remake)

I saw this movie at the cinema and I always remember how scared everybody was when we were leaving, everybody was very on edge and jumpy.

My boyfriend at the time went into the mens toilets after the movie and accidentally bumped into another guy who was on his way out...they both screamed and then laughed, realising they'd both just come out of seeing Amityville and were on edge!

I never found the original movie very frightening, but the newer version really gets me!
Here is my favourite scene:


What are your favourite scary movies? As always, I'd love to hear from you!

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