Monday, 25 November 2013

How much is TOO much to share online?

Being a Mummy blogger, you have to consider the amount of information you are putting out into the world about your family.

It's my decision to share milestones of Tyne's life as he grows up, but obviously there are certain things that should be kept out of the public domain.

Now I have to admit that I'm not the most safety savvy of people when it comes to online sharing - just a few weeks ago  I was about to Instagram a photograph of an exciting looking stack of parcels that had arrived one morning, until Jon pointed out to me that our address was clearly visible for all to see in the photo.

I didn't think this mattered much at first thought but of course anybody who follows my public Instagram account will know that I have a lovely little baby boy at home, and just seeing that one photo will divulge exactly where that little boy lives...

All it would take is a few more simple slip ups - a photo of his bedroom and somebody could most likely figure out whereabouts in the house he sleeps - a very scary thought!, a couple of Instagrams of us out and about would reveal that nobody is home and all of those lovely parcels I Instagrammed earlier are sitting unattended at home.....

When you think about the implications of what you share online, it really is quite frightening. 

Of course I adore blogging and sharing a little bit of Tyne's life with my readers is part of that, but I feel that becoming more aware of how to protect our families privacy online is important and something that I will be giving a lot more thought to in the future.

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