Monday, 25 November 2013

I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas....

Can you believe that Christmas is now only 31 days away?!!

At first I thought it might just be me who is super excited for Christmas this year with it being Tyne's first Christmas, but actually this weekend I have seen endless festive photos being Instagrammed and Facebook statuses all about getting into the holiday mood!

Perhaps its because I know a lot of people who are also first time Mums having their first Christmas with their babies, but there just seems to be an extra special and excitable atmosphere in the air this year!

So with all this talk about Christmas, it got me wondering...

How does Christmas usually look in your household?!

Jon & I last year - with Tyne in my tummy!

For us a traditional Christmas starts on Christmas Eve.....I like to save some of my presents to wrap on Christmas Eve as it really helps to get me into the Christmas Spirit!
I put on some christmas mood and wrap, wrap, wrap!!!

Then we snuggle down in the front of the TV, watch a Christmas movie ( I always Save the most Christmassy movie of all for Christmas Eve - Santa Clause The Movie!) and have a little Christmas Eve Buffet and a glass or two of Baileys!

Early Christmas Morning last year!

On Christmas Morning we get up early, have a little Christmas breakfast (This year I plan on making Cinnamon Swirls & Bucks Fizz for breakfast!) and gather around the tree opening Christmas gifts from Santa.

Of course this Christmas it will be all about opening Tyne's gifts and playing with them with him! :)

We will be having our own little first Family Christmas Dinner together around 12.30 pm, just the 3 of us! There'll be lots of yummy turkey, stuffing balls, roast potatoes, honey roast parsnips, brussel sprouts (my fave!), carrots, pigs in blankets and gravy.

Jon & I both hate traditional christmas pudding and mince pies, so instead there'll be lots of yummy chocolate yule log and cream for us! :)

My nieces opening gifts!

Later on, after our food has settled, we'll get all glammed up and head over to my Mum & Dad's holiday apartment where they'll be hosting the family Christmas - my sister will also be there with her 3 kiddies, so there'll be lots of gift giving and excitement going on!
Then we'll have our SECOND Christmas dinner of the day - my family don't have theres until around 5 pm so hopefully we'll be hungry again by then! ;)

Then Christmas night is spent chilling out in front of the TV!

Boxing Day its over to my sister's house for her annual get together, she does a lovely buffet tea and we all hang around playing games!

I really can't wait for all the festivities!

It all seems so long away still, but there is plenty to look forward to in the meantime.

Here are the things I am most excited about in the run up to Christmas!

1) Taking Tyne to visit Father Christmas
My niece Lottie was not a fan!

The most special thing about the run up to Christmas will be Tyne's first visit to Santa!
I'm not going to lie - I have a feeling I'll end up taking him to more than one grotto because I'm way over-excitable! - but the very first Santa visit will be so exciting! I can't wait to see whether he cries or likes old Santa! :)

2) Going to the Christmas Markets & Events

I LOVE anything festive and Christmas related, and Christmas markets are one of my favourite things ever! I will definitely be visiting a few, and attending any local Christmassy events - Santa is bringing his reindeer to our town one evening, and there is a Carolling event in the town square that we'll also be attending!

3) Wishing For A White Christmas!

Snow in January last year in my home village

I'm not usually the biggest fan of snow, what with having a crippling fear of ice it doesn't usually go hand in hand, but one time of year that I do love to see the snow is Christmas time!
And how much more special would it make for Tyne's First Christmas photos if we actually had a real White Christmas?!
I know the chances of snow in the UK on Christmas day aren't usually all that high, but hey - it's happened before so why not again?!
I LOVE this nifty little gadget which predicts the chances of snow in your area on Christmas Day - admittedly it's disappointing that we only have a 25% chance here so far but it could chance!
Check out your chances here -

4) Christmas Eve Shopping!

It might sound a little mad as I know most people avoid it like the plague, but I LOVE shopping on Christmas Eve!
I would never leave anything important to the last minute but I do like to leave one or two unimportant little bits and pieces to the last minute just to be able to go out to the shops and soak a little of that hectic, excited atmosphere up! Plus I love seeing all the excited kiddies looking up to the sky, checking for reindeer!!

5) Decorating!

Of course you know it's all getting started when your tree goes up! We usually put ours up the first weekend in December but I may be at home in Liverpool for my Christmas visit then, so instead it'll go up as soon as I get home!
I love putting the christmas music on and getting it all up! Admittedly it usually gets a little stressful halfway through when you can't find your favourite decoration or the lights won't work - but it always looks great in the end!!

6) My Hamper!

Every year on Christmas eve, my mum gives me and my sister an amazing Christmas Hamper!
They are seriously fabulous and we both look forward to them all year long!!!

My favourite family Christmas photo so far - I wonder if we can beat it this year?!

What are you most looking forward to about Christmas this year?! As always, I'd love to hear from you!
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