Thursday, 7 November 2013

Lullabies for grown ups?

As I have mentioned of the aspects of my pre-baby lifestyle that I do miss is sleep.

Admittedly I have never been the world's best sleeper and have always stayed up way beyond the 1 am mark...

Now with a business to run on the side and a blog to keep up to date, I am rarely in bed before 4 am most nights as the evening is my most productive time once Tyney Tot is tucked up in bed.

So it's very important that when I do get to bed I can actually fall off to sleep pretty quickly.

I find it hard to switch off when I get to bed - my mind is often on overdrive, going through endless checklists of what needs to be done tomorrow, going over orders in my head or planning blog posts....

So I am often found looking up various sleep techniques and ideas for helping the mind to unwind and relax.

I have tried numerous things in the past, such as lavendar, wind chimes, relaxation apps etc.

Unfortunately none of them have ever been too successful for me.

Today I come across a study that showed that relaxing music can be one of the most effective ways of relaxing and getting to sleep ...

Apparently the most relaxing song of all time is Marconi Union's "Weightless"....Have a listen here if you're intrigued like I was:


Apparently people take this very seriously, as you can actually listen to a TEN HOUR long version of this on Youtube! I assume this is designed to be listened to throughout the night while you sleep.....

Personally, I like to listen to something with soft lyrics to draw me in and distract me enough from my thoughts to relax me.

My personal sleepy-time Playlist contains some of the following tracks:





These are some of my favourite songs but ones that are very mellow and soothing,so perfect for calming me down and helping me to relax.

Do you ever listen to music to help you fall asleep? If so, what songs work well for you? As always, I'd love to hear from you!

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