Monday, 4 November 2013

Mummy Mondays: The Dinky Fingerprint Company

I was thrilled when I was recently given the opportunity to try out The Dinky Fingerprint Co's fabulous fingerprint jewelry for myself!

I had looked at various fingerprint products online for a while and had always been interested in how it works.

I was surprised at how simple the process was!

You simply go online to  and browse their extensive range of products from necklaces to keyrings, cufflinks to christmas decorations and much more! 

Once you have decided on your item, you order and pay for it and then a kit is sent out to you in the post.

My kit arrived very quickly, and contained 2 little pots containing a soft white clay-like substance and a soft blue clay-like substance and a small credit card sized piece of card.

The instructions included were simple to follow.

I was to take half of the blue clay and half of the white clay, and roll them together until the white disappeared into the blue and formed a ball shape.


Once it was done, I had to stick the ball onto the credit card gently so as not to leave my own print in the material....

I then took Tyne's finger and pressed it into the clay and held it there for 10 seconds.

The instructions encourage you to do this when baby is asleep which would probably be much easier! Unfortunately I kept forgetting to do it when Tyne was asleep so I did it when he was awake, but he behaved perfectly and didn't object to me jabbing his finger into the clay.

Once that was done, you repeat the steps again so that there are two impressions for them to work with.

The fingerprint impressions are clearly visible in the clay when its done - you then leave it for a few minutes to harden and once its done, you pop it back into the pre-paid envelope and send it back!

The Dinky Fingerprint Co state that your product will arrive in up to 3 weeks, however mine arrived just a week or so after I returned the kit!

I was THRILLED with it!

The fingerprint is difficult to photograph but in person it is SO clear, the little lines are perfectly visible and just so adorable!

You can choose from different shaped charms including round, diamond, daisy, heart, square or teardrop - I chose the heart shape.

The chain it comes on is 18 inches which is the perfect size in my opinion.

You can choose to have it personalised with the childs name or a message, I chose to have Tyne's name put on it.

I absolutely LOVE the necklace, it is stunning and has already drawn many compliments - it is already so special but I know that as Tyne grows up, having his little baby fingerprint close to my heart forever will be all the more special and sentimental.

I think this is a wonderful thing to invest in for yourself as a reminder of your tiny baby, or an absolutely perfect Christmas gift for any mother or grandmother (Or indeed Dad or Grandad as there are cufflinks and keyrings available too!)

I cannot recommend this product or company highly enough.

This necklace is priced at £60.00 and is available from

Don't forget to order before the Christmas Delivery Deadline of 1st December!!

You can also follow The Dinky Fingerprint Co on Twitter@dinkyprintco or Facebook HERE

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