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Mummy Mondays: Joolz Pushchair Review

One of the most important and exciting purchases that any first time parent makes is the pushchair.

And any parent knows that deciding on which pushchair to buy is something akin to purchasing your first car...

It's exciting, it's impossible to decide which one to choose, it's confusing....

You spend hours upon hours trawling the internet, googling reviews, looking around various in-store showrooms "test driving" various models....

The pushchair that you decide on should be one that will last you from the baby days through to the toddler years.

Now I have to admit that my taste in prams is probably very different to most peoples - I am in the camp of style over substance and I prefer the old-fashioned basket-style prams to the modern looking ones.
I cannot stand the look of the modern "travel system" prams or the Quinny's etc. 

To me they look like space contraptions and I personally can't help but find them ugly and unappealing.

But of course, people insist that they are super-easy to manoevre, light weight and practical. Something that- I have to admit - my choice of beautiful, massive Victorian-style pram is not.

And so when I was given the chance to review the Joolz Day pushchair I was quite pleased to have the chance to try out a Modern pushchair without the need to commit to it....

Here is what Joolz have to say about their pushchair:

"The Joolz Day is designed around the human body, that of the parent and of the child. The smart ergonomic design helps maintain correct posture and gives maximum support to you and your baby. Complete and comfortable. For tall parents and small spaces or the other way around"

And so it arrived, and we (And by "we" I mean Jon of course....while I sat and shouted out my commands...) went about setting it all up.

I expected this to be quite a faff, but I was surprised to see that it took only 3 or 4 minutes to assemble! (Jon isn't the most handy of blokes so this is definitely not down to his assembling skills!)

Everything clicked neatly into place and was very straight forward.

Please excuse the scissors in the background - we'd been using them to open the box!

Once it was assembled, I decided to have a little play around with it.

After being used to my own pram, I was amazed by how light and easy this was to steer - I gasped in amazement when I realised that I could push it around in a complete 360 degree circle with just one finger!!!! It really was that light!
I then had a go at collapsing it - simple!!! One quick movement and it was job done!

The Joolz Day was already winning me over...

Features Include:

  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Gorgeous design
  • Large magnetic secured shopping bag
  • Easily adjustable (foot rest, handlebars & tilt)
  • Comes with carry cot
  • Comfortable
  • Sturdy and strong
  • Great on all terrains
  • Grows with your baby
  • Easy to clean
  • Has suspension
  • Option to have fixed wheels 

  • We decided to give it a proper test drive during our weekend in Cornwall....

    The first test was fitting it into our small Citroen C3 car - along with ourselves, a weekends worth of luggage, a travel cot and various other essentials - it fit like a dream!

    During the weekend we visited sandy beaches, rocky hills, wet muddy fields...the Joolz was subjected to all manner of terrains and it handled each and every one with ease!

    Perhaps the trickiest place I have steered the Joolz Day was around a very busy shopping centre on a busy Saturday afternoon - it takes tight corners so well, and is such an easy and comfortable pushchair to be in command of.

    I find the storage compartment on the base so very handy, such a fantastic idea and so much more convenient than the traditional open basket which allows things to fall out or get wet.

    Everything has been so well thought out with this pushchair - the handle is height-adjustable which is ideal for taller mothers such as myself, the safety bar in front of the baby is able to be removed with just a simple click either in full or just unclicked on one side to move out of the way, the footrest is adjustable, the tilt is easily adjusted....everything is so simple.

    I wondered if Tyne might find it strange as, up until then, he had been using the carrycot attachment of his pram and had never used an upright pushchair before...but as you can see, he loved it!!!

    As for the appearance...yes I have to say that I still prefer the appearance of a more old-school pram, but in comparison to its modern competitors the Joolz Day is head and shoulders above the rest!

    It's sleek & stylish appearance is modern yes - but there is nothing space-age about its appearance. In fact it manages to remain classic and elegant with its stunning leatherette handle and bumper bar really stealing the show and catching the eye! It screams high-end & high-quality.

    The foot muff is super comfortable and Tyne is never happier than when he's snuggled down inside it - we never hear a single peep out of him when he's being wheeled around in this and I'm not surprised - It really is  the Rolls Royce of pushchairs!!!

    In summary, if you are looking for a modern yet attractive pushchair which is lightweight, easy to adjust, is suited to all manner of uses and can handle various terrains with ease - then look no further than the Joolz Day! 

    For more information, please visit the Joolz website -

    Have you tried this pram yourself? Does it appeal to you? As always, I'd love to hear from you!

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