Monday, 11 November 2013

My Holiday Wishlist

Christmas is just around the corner and it’s time again for gift giving. 
Right now I’m already starting to create a gift list for my family and friends and I also made a holiday wishlist for myself. 
Of course, with all the hard work that I’ve done this year I deserve to indulge in some lavish rewards. 
And if I’m going to present myself a gift for this coming Holidays, here are the things I would love to get: 

1. A lovely outfit from The Green Guide Dress Store – I have visited this website once and decided to check out the outfits that they are offering. And that simple visit left me lasting impression because all of the dresses they have are simply fabulous! I was in for a treat just by looking at their fashionable dresses and have decided to get one (or maybe two) dresses for me to use during Holiday parties. 

Here are the dress designs I’m planning to buy for myself for the holidays:

(The third dress is a bonus for me. If have some money to spare, then I think I’ll buy this one as well.)

2. Silver necklace – Silver is the new gold so I wouldn’t want to be left out on the latest trends in jewelry. And what better way to have a lovely piece of silver that by getting a magnificent Tiffany’s 925 silver necklace to go with my lovely dress right? I can’t wait to drop by their store today and get one for myself.

3. A handy handbag – A girl’s outfit will not be complete without a piece of sexy-looking handbag. And I think I happen to find the right bag for me and this is a charming handbag from the Miumiu’s handbag collection. I just hope they have the right color to go with my dress so that I my get up will be complete.

And these are my wishlist for the holiday season this 2013. 

What’s your holiday wishlist for this year?
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