Saturday, 9 November 2013

Review: Wonderland Wigs

My hair has always been the one part of me that I was actually proud of.

I have never been very confident in my appearance, but I always loved my hair!

It's naturally blonde and hasn't darkened too much over the years (though I highlight it, but my natural colour is still ash blonde).

I have always worn it long - I did cut it when I was pregnant but its starting to grow back now, and is a few inches shy of the length it was before I cut it.

But since having Tyne, I have noticed that it's suffered quite a bit - I've had some breakages around the front, and it generally just looks much duller than it ever did and it seems to get greasy much more quickly now.

Of course - having such long, thick hair means it takes a good 30-40 minutes to properly blow dry - so I don't the time anymore to wash it as often as I would like to, and I often find myself having bad hair days when all I can do is stick it up in a bun.

I don't know about you guys, but those days when your hair needs washing and is shoved up out of the way never go well for me....I always think a "Bad Hair Day" = A bad day in general! Probably because I just don't feel right without my hair looking nice...

So, when I was introduced to my lifesaver product today - I could have wept with joy!!!!!

I was sent an Double Volume Instant Weave from the lovely people at Wonderland Wigs and I couldn't wait to try it! (neither could Tyne...;) )

One of my hair idols is Blake Lively - I adore her long, loose blonde curls and this wig looked exactly like her hair! I was so excited!

I watched the instructional video on the website and then set about trying it out for myself....

Now bare in mind here that I was in a hurry to go out, so I only had a few minutes to put the weave on....

I parted my hair along the halo line....tied the front bit out of the way, and tied the rest into a loose ponytail...I then lifted the ponytail up so it rested along my head and used kirby grips to pin it flat to my head.

I didn't do this perfectly as I was in a hurry, but it worked perfectly well and none of my own hair was visible!

I then tilted my head forward and put the teeth of the front of the weave into my hair line, flipped my head and the wig and attached the bottom teeth to the underneath of my hairline.

It instantly felt very secure - I then took down the front section of my own hair, teased it a little and pushed it back over the join so you couldn't see where the weave started.

To make myself a little more secure that the join wasn't visible as it was such a rush job, I wore a hairband!

I walked downstairs and Jon was wow'ed!

I expected him to laugh at me as the hair looks very voluminous and unusual for me - but he didn't! He said it looked gorgeous!

I posed for some photos with Tyne, you can see..

.he is currently very fond of grabbing my face and my hair!!

 I am happy to say that the wig survived a fair few strong yanks from him without coming out of place at all!!!

I felt wonderful wearing the weave - it doesn't feel like fake, plasticy hair and it looks very very real. 

It made me feel much more confident, and it really did look like I'd spent hours styling my hair when in reality it had taken me all of 4 minutes to go from this....

To this!

I am amazed by how easy it was to put on and take out, and how lovely it felt to wear!

It didn't feel heavy or pull on me at all!

I think this is the PERFECT accessory for all busy Mums who still want to look good but don't have as much time to dedicate to their hair - especially for the upcoming party season!

Christmas Day will be busier than ever for me this year and I feel so happy to know that I have lovely, luscious curls waiting to dazzle and impress - just sitting in a box in my wardrobe ready to put on and go!!!!!


The Double Volume Instant Weave is available for £39.99 - I am wearing the Boho Blonde shade.

This and many other gorgeous wigs and hair pieces are available from

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