Friday, 13 December 2013

Baby Shopaholic!

I have to admit, I have always been something of a shopaholic...

But where I used to spend my time shopping for clothes and shoes, now its all about the baby things!
It all started out when I was pregnant....all I could think about was what kind of pram or pushchair I wanted!

And now, 9 months on, I'm afraid the situation is no better.

I have a firm few favourite websites bookmarked on the laptop and they are no longer fashion websites and discount designer outlets - instead they are toy shops, baby fashion outlets and nursery websites!

One of my favourite recent finds has been as it's a real one-stop shop.

As much as I love to browse online for hours, time doens't always permit lately and so its nice to have a go-to webstore which sells everything from nursery furniture to all the latest toys

I ordered quite a few of Tyne's Christmas gifts from them, and I was very impressed with their service - efficient delivery, and I was kept up to date on exactly when the goods would be delivered throughout.

One of the items I ordered had a wait period of around a month but the gave me a delivery date when I ordered and sure enough, it turned up on the exact date given!

I will certainly be using Bambino Direct in the future when I'm looking for Tyne's birthday gifts, and I've just been browsing the nursery section....

Very tempting!!!
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