Friday, 13 December 2013

Christmas Greats from! is one of my favourite websites - it's the place you can always rely on when you want something a little different!

Their Christmas range is no exception - there are endless fabulous festive items to choose from this year, from unique christmas decorations to wonderful gift ideas for every possible recipient....

I was given the chance to try it out for myself recently, and just look at the AMAZING things that £50.00 bought....

I LOVE personalised items and this story book is an ideal gift for any child that will be treasured for ever!

Using a photo and the childs name throughout the story, the book centers around the excitement of Christmas and what the child gets up to.....

I love how the photos are edited to show christmas icing around their mouths (as above!) ....

And different outfits and surroundings!!

I can't wait to show this to Tyne on Christmas Day, and I will absolutely be buying many more from the range!


This gorgeous little vest is such a lovely addition to a childs christmas outfit, and is something that you can keep forever in a memory box afterwards to commemorate their first christmas.

I can't wait to see Tyne wearing this and I know it will turn a lot of heads!

Set of 10 Santa Hat Glass Decorations - £3.75

I love these! They will make such a fun and unusual addition to the table decor at Christmas Dinner this year. Little touches like this really do all add up, and give the day that extra magical feel!

So if you're looking for something just a little different, I highly recommend a visit to 
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