Tuesday, 17 December 2013

January Sales!

The year has almost drawn to a close, and with that in mind I can't help but think about the sorts of things I might want to look out for once the January Sales hit!

Every year I stick to the same sorts of things - gift sets, perfumes, all the Christmas stock thats been reduced.

It's very rare that I stock up on any large items of furniture or expensive items, but I think this year that might change....

We've had our corner sofa for about 4 years or so now, and while I do love it - it's perhaps not too practical with a baby as its quite high and the scatter cushion back makes it hard for him to sit up against as there isn't much support there - so perhaps we might consider buying a new one.

Sofas, kids beds and wardrobes are all things that will be on my list to check out this year when hitting the sales!

Also on my list will be holidays and hotel rooms!

We desperately want to book a cruise holiday to have something fun to look forward to and I know January is a good time to look, I also need to sort out a London hotel room for the BritMums Live conference this year so thats another thing I'll be looking out for!

And the final item on my list? A DSLR camera!

I'm tired of taking photos for my blog on my iphone - I definitely need to upgrade!!!

What are you planning on picking up in the sales this year?!
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