Thursday, 19 December 2013

M & S Christmas Jumper Family Portrait

When I first found out that us two were going to become a 3, I had visions of all the traditional family things we'd do....I'd bake cookies everyday, we'd sit around the dinner table as a family chatting every evening, and we'd curl up on the sofa and have family movie nights.

Well, perhaps its because Tyne is only 8 months old or perhaps we're just not "those" kinds of perfect Little House On The Prairie type people, but we've yet to do any of those things!

However....I did achieve one of my Perfect Little Family goals this weekend....We sat down and posed for a traditional Cheesy Family Christmas photo!!

I've seen this done on American TV shows for years, the family all come together to take a picture and send it out on Christmas cards....well we'll not be doing that but we thought we'd blog it instead!
And what is the number 1 requirement when taking a Family Christmas Portrait?! Christmas jumpers of course!

The jumpers we're wearing all came from M & S...and I have to say, we're all big fans of them!

Jon's is my personal favourite as its the most festive's just cheesy enough but not TOO ott! And its a great fit too, I really think it flatters him. 
He likes it so much he's going to wear it on Christmas Day!
The mens jumpers at M & S are such great quality, and really affordable too.

As for me, I went for the polar bear jumper - again there are tons of womens jumpers to choose from but I thought the polar bear was fab for christmas but also something I can wear right throughout winter!

And finally....there's Tyne sleep-modelling the kids jumpers!

And you can see, he simply couldn't stay awake for our photo shoot and nodded off as soon as we sat down the take the photo!!! Typical!!!

We had lots of fun taking our first Family Christmas Portrait....Thanks M & S for getting us involved!

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