Wednesday, 1 January 2014

My 2014 Bucket List & Resolutions!

Happy New Year To All Sparkles & Stretchmarks readers!

I can't thank you all enough for your support in 2013 and hope you'll continue to follow the blog and my journey into motherhood in 2014!

As always, I've made a few new years resolutions....I have to admit that I make them every year but they don't usually live to see February...fingers crossed I can stick with them a little longer this year!

My Resolutions

1) Eat Healthier & Broaden My Culinary Horizons - I am a very fussy eater and tend to stick to the same tried & tested meals all the time. I don't like trying new things because I rarely like them. But now that Tyne is eating with us, I want to try harder ... I don't want him to be fussy like me so I want to make sure we eat more of a variety of foods and more healthy ones too.

My goals include eating breakfast & lunch (I usually skip both), eating fish at least once a week (at the moment its more like once a month) and eating more vegetables.

2) Address my anxiety/panic attacks and take steps to resolve them - I will be talking more about this over the next week or so, but I do experience anxiety regularly and recently had one of the biggest panic attacks I've ever had which, frankly, was a terrifying experience. I've suffered in silence for too long now and it has to stop - I plan on seeking professional help in the form of hypnotherapy and/or cognitive behaviour therapy as these are things I have tried briefly in the past that seemed to help me.

3) Be more social with Tyne - I enjoy spending time at home or on family days out with Jon & Tyne, but now that he is getting older I think its important that Tyne mingles with other children more so I want to make an effort to take him along to playgroups and classes at least once a week.

My 2014 Bucket List

* Take Tyne on a cruise!

* Visit at least one country I've never visited before (Hopefully this can be done in combination with the above!)

* Visit at least one new COUNTY - I really want to see more of my home country!

* Take Tyne to visit Gateshead - I'd love him to visit his Dad's hometown and meet his Uncle for the first time!

* Take a course - I'm not sure what in, but I just want to learn something new

* Read one book per month - I'd love to sign up to the "Read 50 Books" thing that people do but its unrealistic for me - hopefully one a month should be manageable!

*Subscribe to some magazines - I LOVE reading magazines, especially Mother & Baby Magazine - but I never get the chance to pop to the shop to pick them up! A subscription would make life so much easier. I've recently discovered Unique Magazines which looks perfect!

*Say "Yes" to more things - particularly blog events. I have yet to accept invitation, mostly due to nerves, this year I want to go to some!

*Take part in a brand ambassador programme - a big ambition, I can't be sure it's achievable for me yet but I can hope and try!

*Go to a concert (I haven't been to one in ages!)

What's on your 2014 bucket list?!
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