Monday, 2 December 2013

My Day At Build-A-Bear - By Tyne!

A few days ago, Mummy told me that we were going to Build-A-Bear in Exeter for the day to see what we thought of it!

Build-A-Bear Workshop is a place you can go to where you can make your very own teddy bear friends, buy them outfits and just have lots of fun!

When we got there, we met a lovely lady called Starla who told us all about it and explained what we would be doing.

Starla said I should look at all of the bears they had and choose which one I wanted to make.

There were so many lovely teddy bears to choose from, so I had a good cuddle of lots of them to make extra sure I chose the right one!

Santa Claus was cuddly and looked really nice, but Mummy thought I might eat his glasses....

I thought Rudolph's light up nose was extra cool!

And the brightly coloured rainbow bear was really snazzy!!

They had so many cool Christmas bears too! The Snowman was really nice!

In the end though, I decided I liked Rudolph and his flashing red nose the best of all!

Starla gave me an empty Rudolph and we set off to make him cuddly!!!

Starla said we could put sounds in Rudolph if we wanted to, we could choose from giggling and words like "I love you" - but because I love music SO much, we decided to get the Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer song!

Starla showed it to me and we had a dance to make sure I liked it!

We went to the stuffing machine, which is full of fluffy stuffing for inside the teddy bears.
The machine has lots of bright lights inside which looked really nice and I got to step on the pedal myself to stuff Rudolph!

Daddy said I did a good job!

Then I chose a heart for inside Rudolph - I could have had a scented heart or a beating heart, but I decided a normal plain heart would be best so I gave it a kiss and made a wish...then we put the heart inside Rudolph!

The nice lady stitched Rudolph up nicely, and said that if he ever opens at all I can bring him back and they will fix him again for free! 

Then we took Rudolph to the Fluffing Station where we brushed his fur and fluffed him up under the hand dryers!

Then Mummy typed up Rudolph's birth certificate - so that if he ever gets lost and somebodys hands him in to a Build A Bear shop, they will open him up and look at his tag number - then they will find our address in their computers and return him to me!!

This is me with my finished Rudolph - isn't he cool?!!

Starla put him in a box for me with a ribbon and my name on, and said I could keep him forever!

I had so much fun at Build A Bear, everybody was super nice to me, and Rudolph is my new very best friend - I have played him with lots since we got home!

We also got an outfit for Rudolph to make him look extra Christmassy! Mummy said it was cute coz it matches my onesie....Look!!!!

I had SO much fun at Build A Bear that Mummy says she's even thinking about taking me and my cousins there for my 1st Birthday party - won't that be cool?!

Bye Everybody!!

Love from Tyne ( And my new very best friend Rudolph!)


Rudolph costs just £19.00 from Build A Bear workshop, outfits are sold at an additional cost starting from £4.50.

For more information, please visit



  1. this is so lovely! good choice Tyne! I have never been to build a bear workshop but may have to go now to get a snowman!

    Louise x

  2. It looks like you had so much fun Tyne. Mummy said that one day we can go to the Build a Bear Workshop and that I will love it because I always look excited when I see stuffed toys. And daddy says I have too many already. It's not my fault though is it? I didn't buy them myself! Anyway, I hope you and Rudolph are having fun :D

    Love Oscar xxx

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  3. Well done Tyne. Lovely pictures!!! what a cutey x

  4. Oh look at his little face, bless him, he looks so chuffed x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  5. Aw bless so cute. We made Aiden a build a bear for his first birthday on the actual day as a kind of sentimental present x

  6. Aw too cute! Tyne you've convinced me I should pop to a build a bear workshop some day! Xx

  7. well done tiny tot rudolf is very lucky to have you as a best friend xxxxx

  8. Tyne is so lovely! He looks like he had so much fun :) Love the bottom photo of them both in their Christmas matching outfits!!xx

  9. My kids love Build a Bear workshops!

  10. My daughter loves build a bear, the trouble is that she's bought that many, there is hardly any room left in her bed.
    Sounds like you all had a lovely day at build a bear, the photo of your baby dressed up with the Rudolph also dressed up is so cute!

  11. Glad you had such a great time! Love the Christmas outfit.

    Hazel Rea = @beachrambler

  12. aww this looks like a great day out, will have to do it some time x

  13. I really love stores like this where the children can interact with the toys and parents know what to buy for their kids when they see which one their child is interested in

  14. What a great day out! I want to take my little one :)

  15. I want to take the kids there and get them to pick their own teddies

  16. Build a bear is fab.


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