Monday, 23 December 2013

My Ultimate Christmas Movies

The week before Christmas, I always try to watch a Christmas movie every evening to get me into the Christmas spirit!

I haven't quite managed it this year as its a little more difficult to fit in movie time with a baby, since by the time my usual evening movie time rolls around I end up falling asleep on the sofa...but I've managed to fit a couple in and even seen some new, ultra cheesy ones on the Christmas Movie channel!

As much as I adore pretty much any Christmas-Related movie, I do have my firm favourites...

Here is my top 5 and my pick for the Ultimate Christmas Movie!

1. ELF

 This movie always cracks me up, no matter how many times I see it - you can't help but share in Buddy's excitement at all things Christmas related - and the end scene where they all sing to spread Christmas Cheer always makes me tear up!

2. The Polar Express

I only got around to finally watching this last Christmas, for some reason I always thought it looked boring...but I'm so glad I watched it as its become one of my favourites. It has SUCH a magical, Christmas feel about it and the animation is so impressive.

3. The Santa Clause

Perhaps its a little cheesy but it still makes me chuckle, and - overlooking the fact that Santa dies in the opening 10 minutes! - what's not to love about watching Tim Allen become Santa Claus?!!!

4. Christmas With The Kranks

Not such a well known one perhaps and yes I seem to have a thing for Tim Allen movies at Christmas, but I just love the idea behind this movie - all the actors are great, it really makes me chuckle and I just love the magical element with the little old neighbourhood hobo.

5. Miracle On 34th Street

I LOVE this kitschy-cute movie which puts the existence of Santa Claus on trial...but it has to be the 90s remake rather than the original for me, I just love Richard Attenborough as Santa.

Other movies I enjoy that didn't quite make my Top 5 are:

Home Alone 1 & 2, Deck The Halls, Surviving Christmas, Naughty or Nice, Scrooged, Mixed Nuts, and Sleepless In Seattle, Fred Claus....

But my ALL TIME FAVOURITE Christmas Movie....

The one I watch EVERY Christmas Eve without fail is....

Santa Claus: The Movie

Yes it seems VERY dated and cheesy now but I just don't care.
Perhaps its because this was one of the first Christmas movies I saw as a child so it reminds me of really believing in Santa....but everytime I see it, it helps me to feel the magic of Christmas.
I think the Santa in this movie is by far the most realistic movie Santa there has ever been, I love the elves workshop - everything looks so authentic, exactly how I imagine the REAL North Pole would be!

I'll be spending my Christmas Eve snuggled up with popcorn and Baileys watching Santa Claus: The Movie for the umpteenth time!!!

What are your favourite Christmas Movies?!

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