Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Our Christmas Tree.....

A week or two ago, we decided it was time to get Festive in the Glass-McLean household and we set about getting our Christmas Decs up!

Tyne was very amused by his first look at all the pretty tinsel and sparkly decorations of course!!!!

And even more amused by the Christmas Lights!.....

I usually find the experience of putting the tree up to be somewhat stressful as I`m never happy with how it looks, and it always seems to take much longer than I thought...

This year though, it was fun!

I don't know if its because last years things had been put away so neatly that they were a doddle to assemble for once, or whether it was all just more fun because Tyne was seeing it all for the first time....but regardless of the reason, it was fun and it only took about 45 minutes!

The most important job of all, putting the Star on the top, of course went to Tyne!

Here is how our finished tree and festive fireplace looks....

And as well as the tree, we have a few other decorations dotted around....

Tyne particularly likes the bowl of lights & Baubles that sits in the fireplace....

Decorations are really important to me, particularly the ones for the tree, as its always been something of a tradition to have meaningful decorations that represent something or somebody.....

This is the top part of our tree....You can see at the top a Princess Tiara....This was bought when my eldest niece Amelie was born, as she was our families little Princess.

The Rocking horse you see just below that was bought when my second niece, Lottie, was born to represent her....the baby of the family (at that time).

Just beneath those, you will see two little birds - I call those the Lovebirds and they represent myself & Jon - they were bought on our First Christmas together.

This is one of my favourite decorations! It is the Independence Of The Seas....The Cruise Ship that Jon & I had our first holiday together on and the ship we love SO much!!!

It is an actual bauble replica of the ship too - we bought it on board! :)

This is, obviously, to represent Tyne's first Christmas and I made it myself....After Christmas it will contain a photo of Tyne during his first Christmas day....and it will stay on the tree every year.

This little guy is actually the one with the most memories on my tree....it belonged to my Aunty Dot and was part of her tree for as long as I can remember....when she emigrated a few years ago to Spain, she didn't take her Christmas decorations with her and so I asked if I could keep one of them to put on my tree since we wouldn't be seeing for Christmas anymore....he has pride of place on my tree ever since.

This little stag is a new addition, I bought him because I felt like he represented Devon to me....you get a lot of Deer around here and since we moved back to Devon this year and its Tynes home....we needed something to represent it!

This tiara was a gift from my mum to me one Christmas, as was the little fairy ... my Mum has a tradition of always bringing something for the tree when she comes to visit at Christmas....these were some of those gifts.

This shoe was another of my Mums christmas tree gifts and I think its probably my favourite one! Unfortunately though its REALLY heavy so it has to go right at the bottom or else it just sinks into the tree!

This angel was another thing from my Aunty Dots Christmas tree....she sometimes sits at the top of my tree but we went with a star this year....the angel still has to be on there though!

The Glass Bell is very pretty and has a little tree and a snow house inside - when we were out shopping for more Christmas bits & pieces we let Tyne choose a decoration for the tree himself....this was what he picked up. Good taste I say!!!

This little rocking horse is a new addition and was a gift from my sister....however, I've decided that I`m going to use it to represent my new baby nephew Kier on my tree....as its his first Christmas too!

This angel is one I made myself to represent my lovely Nan....this is our first Christmas without her as she sadly died shortly after Tyne was born. It feels strange not to be buying her a gift this year, but she had suffered for many years with alzhiemers so I'm determined not to be too sad that she's not here....I think she's in a much better place, but still...I like the idea of having her as an angel on the tree.

And last but certainly not least, we of course needed a special bauble to represent Tyne on our tree!

This gorgeous bauble features a lovely little babies face, and could be personalised with our choice of text.
The front says "Tyne William Henry 2013!
And the back says "Tyne McLean-Glass First Christmas 2013, Love Mummy & Daddy x"

This was from www.gettingpersonal.co.uk and I think it is just perfect as a keepsake!!!!

So there you have it!

My christmas decorations and their meanings to me!

Do you have decorations with meanings too? I'd love to hear from you!

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