Monday, 23 December 2013

Q & A: Christmas!

I recently watched a Christmas Tag vlog by the very lovely Kerry from Lived With Love and I enjoyed it so much that I considered doing my own...but vlogging terrifies me!
Then I saw the equally lovely Lauren from Mrs Hippo & Me had done the Christmas Tag but adapted it to a blog post.... 

So I decided to join in! 

1) Whats Your Favourite Thing To Eat On Christmas Day? But you can only choose ONE thing.

Easy! Turkey, turkey and more turkey!!

It's funny because most of the time I'm not a big meat eater - I eat a lot of Quorn foods, and very rarely eat proper meat or poultry because I just don't enjoy the taste or texture of it that much and I absolutely cannot STAND preparing it - if I see meat raw there is no way I'm eating it afterwards!!

But for some reason, I LOVE Turkey! I think its because its very dry and I like that! Infact when I was a teenager I'd managed to stay vegetarian for a whole was Christmas Day that it all went wrong when the turkey made me fall off the wagon!!

I love Christmas Dinner of course but I also look forward to endless turkey sandwhiches, cold strips of turkey with piccalilli & turkey curry for days afterwards....YUM!

2) Have you ever built a snowman?

I have but not for a bloody long time, I don't really like being out in the snow as I have this bizzare phobia of ice! I love looking at the snow but I don't like walking in it.
However, whenever it snows I always make a snow baby and keep it in the freezer for a while lol. This is something my Mum does and she's passed the habit on to me!

3)What's Your Favourite Christmas Film?

I recently blogged about my favourite Christmas Films so you can see my list all time favourite is Santa Claus: The Movie (NOT to be confused with The Santa Clause!)

4) Real or fake tree?

I know it's not the answer people expect but I absolutely prefer fake!
I think you get used to and prefer whatever you grew up with, and we always had the same artificial tree - my mum & dad bought it just after they got married and its been the same tree we've had ever since so its lasted for over 30 years!
I LOVE it and to me that's how a Christmas Tree should look - tall and quite slender - whereas real tree's are always short and dumpy looking, and more sparse!
I don't like that look!
Plus I love the idea of having the same tree every year.

5) What are your Christmas traditions?

Well, this being our first as a family of 3 I plan on starting some new traditions....

But my own personal traditions are:

*I HAVE to have New PJs for Christmas new PJs and it just doesn't feel like Christmas!!!
*We leave our empty sacks in our bedrooms for Santa to fill
*I HAVE to leave all the wrapping paper out after the presents have been unwrapped - it's called "Christmas Mess" and EVERYBODY around me knows they are NOT to clear away until boxing day, or else it just doesn't look like Christmas!!!!
*I watch Santa Claus: The Movie every Christmas eve and have a glass of Baileys

6)What are you hoping Santa brings you this year?

Well I haven't actually asked for anything or dropped any hints this year as all my focus has been on Tyne, but thinking about it now I would LOVE to get a DSLR camera ( I wont as nobody buying for me would know what to get, but money towards it would be fab!), a Dolce Gusto or Tassimo type coffee machine would be AMAZING and perfume is always a welcome gift!

7)What's the weirdest present you've ever received?

Hmmm tough question! Let me have a think....
I don't think I've ever received anything that weird...I do remember a few times I'd open a gift from Santa which was far too young for me and be a bit confused by it, only to see my Mums look of worry and her mumbles of "Oh I think Santa got mixed up....that was probably meant for your sister" lol.

8)Who do you spend your Christmas Day with?

This year I'll be spending Christmas Morning with Jon & Tyne, and then in the mid-afternoon we'll be heading to my parents holiday apartment where we'll be spending the day with my Mum & Dad, my sister, my nieces and my baby nephew - and my brother in law sometimes calls in too.

9) How do you dress for Christmas?

I always dress up and wear something new! This year I paid far less attention to my outfit than usual as I was busy panicking about what Tyne will wear...but I did eventually decide on an outfit!
I'm wearing a red pinifore style dress with a black long sleeved top underneath and thick black tights, and new black knee boots.
On boxing day I'm going far more casual than usual and wearing a Snowman hoodie and jeggings - I NEVER wear hoodies but there's method in my madness - Tyne is wearing a snowman suit so I thought it'd be cute to be Mummy & Baby Snowmen! :)

10) When did you stop believing in Santa?

In all honestly...I don't think I ever have!!! :)

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