Sunday, 8 December 2013

Review: BrotherMax Non-Contact Thermometer

You may recall me mentioning that a few weeks ago, Tyne was really unwell with a fever?

Anybody who has had a poorly baby will know that it can be terrifying when they have a fever, and trying to coax them into allowing you take their temperature can really make the situation worse.

Our thermometer is an in-ear one and, of course, Tyne hates it at the best of times but when he's feeling rubbish and has sore ears anyway - the last thing he wants is us sticking that thing in them!!

So when the Brother Max Non Contact Thermometer arrived, I was intrigued.

We are already BIG Brother Max fans in this house as you may recall from our Highchair review....

I wanted to test it right away - and thanks to the fact that the batteries are included (how rare these days?!) I was able to!

The thermometer reads both body temp and room temp and is very easy to use.

To read the room temperature, you simply press the button until the home symbol appears and then you aim and press - voila! That simple!

To take a childs temperature, you point the sensor at their forehead and ensure that the display is showing the Head symbol - then press the button and the temp appears!

Firstly I was pretty sure that it wouldn't work very well, and wouldn't give an accurate I took Tyne's temperature on his in-ear thermometer (with much fuss!) and then on the Brother Max thermometer - the reading was exactly the same.

I could not believe how simple this was to use! No fuss whatsoever - the child doesn't even need to know that you're taking their temperature! - and within a second, its done!

There are some great features too, including the backlight which allows you to read the temperature in the dark and the sound off feature which allows you to take a reading without waking the child.

I literally could not be more impressed with this thermometer, and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to any parent.

Available from Boots & Amazon for £39.99

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