Friday, 20 December 2013

St Lucia: It's on the Bucket List

I was recently reading an article online in between sorting out a few loads of laundry, and I became totally engrossed in it. The writer had recently been to St. Lucia and was reviewing restaurants and accommodation on the island, as well as bragging about the beautiful weather. Needless to say I was completely jealous as a 32 year old mum-of-one stuck inside doing the washing.

 Regardless of my emotions at the time, the words have stayed with me to this day and I realised that St. Lucia would have to be added to my bucket list. Luckily for me (in some aspects) I turn 35 in a couple of years, which would be the perfect time to take the trip of a lifetime. My partner seems to be on board with this idea, so I’ve been doing a bit of research into the island and exactly why it would be amazing, as well as what to do when we are visiting. Here is what I have found out about:
 The weather
It really doesn’t matter what time of the year you visit St. Lucia as the lowest average temperature during the year is still a delicious 25 degrees celsius in February! That is basically one of the warmest days in the English summer, and even then it is a pretty rare occurrence. However St. Lucia can easily get to 28 degrees celsius in May, and December has the most sunshine with eight glorious hours. The sea temperature is at its warmest in September when it is 29 degrees celsius, which is pretty lovely for a morning or afternoon dip. I think we will plan our trip in May despite my birthday being in September; I want to get the maximum heat whilst I am away!
 The beaches
The first place I want to head is to the beach at the Sugar Beach Residences as there are white sands located between the Pitons, a UNESCO designated world heritage site. I can’t really picture anywhere more beautiful to relax and to take a swim. I’ve read that there is good shallow water close to the shore, perfect for lazing about, and that there is some incredible snorkelling available as the waters are part of the National Marine Reserve. I also like the sound of Anse Cochon which is on the west coast between the capital Castries and Soufriere. The beach is 200 metres of dark sand and is backed by jungle undergrowth - this is quite a bit different from my experiences on mainland Spain.
 The accommodation
Finally, I’ve been looking into options for accommodation and have found some beautiful places. However the name that keeps coming up for luxury property on St. Lucia is Sugar Beach, which really seems like the place to go if you have made the effort to travel far and wide to visit the island. I’m already won over by the presence of the Pitons, but the fact that there is a spa, many dining options, and luxurious guestrooms simply seals the deal for me. Two whole weeks of living the high life seems like the perfect antidote for all the hard work I put in around the family home...
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