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Things we really miss from the Nineties

Things we really miss from the Nineties

It was the decade which changed all that we know almost beyond recognition. Technology, TV, food,music and fashion all changed, largely for the better, while many of those changes stay with us to this day. The 90’s was certainly a seminal decade, but what do we miss the most from those days? 


We have the likes of JLS and a revived Take That today, but the 90’s was famous for shoving so many of them down our earholes! Boyzone, 5ive, Backstreet Boys – they were all just the tip of an impossibly beautiful iceberg!

Great Kids’ TV

In the 1990’s, we had many great shows to watch when waking up on a Saturday or coming home from school. Art Attack, Fun House, Byker Grove, Live and Kicking and SM:TV Live were just some of the highlights.


This tiny little game allowed us to look after virtual pets, feeding them and watching them ‘grow’. Remember when you worried about the pet dying? No-one wanted to go through that heartbreak if they could help it.

Gran Turismo 

The original was released towards the end of the decade, not long after the PlayStation came out. It changed the face of driving games, incorporating 3D models and giving them a great narrative to follow.


The war between Blur and Oasis to see which group would be the king of this genre captivated millions of us. Aiming jibes at each other and dividing music fans, we would never see the like of it again. Pulp were good too.

The Crystal Maze

Remember Richard O’Brien and his loud suits? That and the impossible tasks made the Crystal Maze essential family viewing. Going into the Aztec, Industrial and Futuristic zones and trying to win crystals seemed complicated, but it was fun from start to finish.


Names like Wolf, Warrior, Jet and Saracen all stay with us, but so do challenges from the ITV physical game show such as the Travelator, a sort of reverse escalator, not to mention Ulrika Jonsson before becoming Ulrika-ka-ka! Contenders, Ready? Gladiators, Ready!

Gel pens

You can buy them today, but in the 90’s, we loved to stuff as many of them as we could into our pencil cases, even if they often leaked. Writing in gel ink in our exercise books almost made school bearable!

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