Wednesday, 11 December 2013

What To Buy For A Child In A Man's Body?!

Over the past few weeks I have sat wondering what I should buy for my partner this Christmas....

I've browsed online for ideas, I've read endless blog posts full of suggestions of classy gifts - jewellery, designer threads, expensive watches, wallets, gift experience many wonderful ideas.

For MOST men.

But for MY boyfriend?


My boyfriend, despite being 40 years old, is the biggest child I know.

His "want" list directs me to sites with names like "Warlord Games" and "Miniature Heroes".....

He spends his time reading magazines covered in pictures of toy soldiers, and watching TV shows full of space aliens and super heroes...

Yes, my boyfriend is the Man Who Never Grew Up.

So while a pile of elegant gifts for the suave and sophisticated male will do just fine for most people's other halves this Christmas....I need to get a lot more creative.

So far, a Dr Who annual is about as much as I've been able to muster....

But then I discovered this snazzy little guy......

This remote control robot from  is  - yes - suitable for children aged 3 and up.

BUT I know that Jon will LOVE him! He's a robot - which automatically makes him cool in the eyes of a fully grown 40-going-on-4 year old....he fires foam discs, walks wherever you direct him....AND...he even dances!!

And better still, he's currently on sale for just £22.95 HERE

So while your husbands and boyfriends are unwrapping cologne and dressing gowns this Christmas, spare a thought for me as I watch my boyfriend playing with his toy robot.....(Although I have to admit, a dancing robot is pretty cool....)


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  1. I know this feeling my other half is a very big kid. I've just bought him and my 6 year old son a helicopter each. I know they'll have hours of fun together!


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