Thursday, 23 January 2014

Baby Photography Ideas

Many proud parents love snapping pictures of their beautiful new bundles of joy as soon as they arrive. After all, newborn photography makes for some really adorable photos...usually of them snoozing!
However, if you want to showcase your baby’s growth as well as their growing personality, you may want to think about scheduling your professional photo shoot from around 6 months onwards instead. This is when your baby will be starting to sit up and showing the world the things that make them unique.
If this type of photography sounds right up your street, we’ve compiled a list of some of the sweetest baby photography ideas to help you get amazing photos that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Use props in the photos

Using some of your baby’s favourite items in the shoot can be a lovely way to remember their most precious things as they grow older, such as which teddy bear they couldn’t go anywhere without, and which outfit was the sweetest. Taking things with you to a professional photo shoot is also advised by companies like as it also helps them to relax and keeps them nice and happy as you snap away!

Get older siblings or other family members involved

Why not make it a family affair and include older siblings in the photos, or cousins if they’re the first? As they are starting to interact more with their surroundings and the special people in their lives, including others can be a lovely way to capture their first, and most important, special relationships. They’ll most probably have a calming effect on the little ones as they pose more comfortably in front of the camera.

Do close ups of your baby’s special features

As your little one starts to showcase their beautiful smile to the world, or seems to spend 23 hours a day with their bright, beautiful eyes open (yay!) why not focus in on your favourite features of them? You can achieve really gorgeous photos when zoomed in on their little faces, and they’re instantly made even more dramatic and elegant when transformed into black and white. Speak to your photographer and see what effects are available for your finished photos.

Set a scene or use a theme

Choosing a theme and using props, a background and clothing to work into that can be a lovely way of creating special, specific photos. It’s the perfect way of making holiday specific photos for a first Christmas, for example. Yet if you want something a little more timeless, you could choose a different theme. There are literally millions of things you could do, and really popular ones include using oversized items, such as necklaces, hats or ties to show how your little one is growing up and truly transforming into a little person. We loved checking out the ideas on Pinterest when it came to looking for a theme, as it’s good to take inspiration from others who have already done it.
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